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This is 40

Watched this movie last night and it was not worth the $1.25 I paid.

What happened to Judd Apatow? Funny People was more sad than funny. This is 40 was mostly just sad and not funny at all. The few supporting actors (McCarthy in particular) were literally all the comedy. Rudd and Mann were not funny at all. The one part that Mann was almost funny in was when she was ripping into the kid, but that just ended sad and not funny. They have this big party at the end and Heigl and Rogan are not there? Seriously? They could not do a day to be in this piece of shit movie?

The worst part is the movie for the couple gets worse and worse and worse and worse and nothing is resolved. Good or bad. You assume a few things, but the whole ending was a fucking bummer. It almost seems like Judd was bored at the end and just decided it he was making a shit movie and just ended it.

2/10 and it got a 2 because of Megan Fox, McCarthy, Jason Segel (who for the first time in his life played a man) and O Dowd.
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