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Underrated actors and actresses

Who does everyone think is underrated?

Matthew Broderick: How could Ferris Bueller be underrated? He just is. Every role he is in he brings a quirkiness to that character and is so real with it. He is a great actor.

Catherine Zeta Jones: She has won an academy award. I feel as of late she has gone unnoticed. She is a great actress and is always good in her roles.

John C. Reilly: A younger audience (including myself) knows him more for Walk Hard: The Dewey Cox story, Talladega Nights the ballad of Ricky Bobby, Step Brothers and etc. But he is also a great dramatic actor. He has been in films like Magnolia, Boogie Nights, Gangs in New York, Aviator among some dramas. He is a great character actor.

Julia Louis Dreyfuss: She truly is a comic genius. She brings warmth to her role unlike most do. I know people who have worked with her as extras on veep. They say she is as focused as anyone.

Bryan Cranston: He is putting together quite a film career now and is being seen differently on t.v from the funny dad on Malcolm in the middle to a meth dealer in breaking bad.

Ellen Page: Aside from Juno when she got an academy award nomination not much talk about her.

Joesph Gordon Levitt: Very talented actor. Can do comedy and drama very well. He was great in 500 days of Summer and 50/50. Yet not on everyone's radar.

Anna Kendrick: Same as Ellen Page. Aside from Up in the Air for which she got an academy award nomination for, not much talk about her.
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I always thought Tim Roth never quite got the praise he deserves. I'm also a big fan of Alec Baldwin.
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I think a lot of actors/actresses are underated because nowadays fame isn't related to general talent or specific performance but how many times someone is mentioned of TMZ/Perez Hilton. Peoples like Ron Perlman have poured their soul into their trade yet people don't rent a Ron Perlman movie ( they rent that cool movie who Ron Perlman happened to be playing in and outplays the main character )
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Well l think you are wrong about catherine Zeta Jones she has proberly retired and is happy to be at home with her husband and child

Plus she has no need for money anymore when she is married to Michael Douglus and l can tell you he is rolling in money since he has made quite alot od successful movies
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