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Starwars that l used to know


Ah this will be interesting to see if you agree with this guy on his veiws

Do you think that the current movies pretray the same effect as it did years ago

I know they have and it is not the same as they were made years ago
This guy blames George Lucus the creator for wreakning the series of films

Well if you are on a roll yuo are going to try and make more money


Also here is abit more imformation about Goerge hitting back at fans not liking the changes he is making

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Not clicking on that ... Reddit made me learn that this very title format will include a link to that Gotye song.
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Well l thought alot of members would be interested in the thread

But it shows there are not many fans of star wars anymore

Ah so you are not going to click on the link Dirtyfrog

Reddit must have been a very wise man you really look up too grins
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What I'm not alright is how the altered films are the ones receiving the blu ray/digital remaster treatment and those have become the only versions we can buy, anything else can only be viewed on the past formats they were on, people shouldn't not be saying, "yeah I'm watching the theatrical release versions of episodes 4-6..... on my vhs." I still love VHS but most people have moved on. The alterations of the movies and stories themselves.... I don't like them but when I walk in the shoes of a king like Mr. Lucas because he created something that changed the world then maybe I'll understand.

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I think if Lucas had included the original versions on his dvds than none of this would have happened. He created it so he has a right to do what he wants. But he needs to respect fans.
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Once upon a time I liked Star Wars, but now I don't give two shits about these movies. I will never buy them on bluray, and I still don't own them on DVD. I didn't even see Episode II or III in theaters. I will probably never watch any these films again. Lucas muddled it all up so much that it killed Star Wars for me (and I was never a major fan to begin with). The added CGI to the originals only dated them far worse than they were to begin with, it's hard to watch. The changes Lucas made stick out like a sore thumb, and they don't blend in with the rest of the movie. It's like looking at the Mona Lisa and seeing that someone has taped a cutout of Angelina Jolie's face to it because she looks better. And now that is the only version of the Mona Lisa that exists.

Then there are the Star Wars fans, who cry and make documentaries about Lucas every fucking year. They claim that they hate the changes Lucas has made, yet support it all by buying anything he throws their way. Fans are as much to blame as Lucas. It has reached a point that Star Wars is an embarrassment.
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Originally Posted by Silverload View Post
Fans are as much to blame as Lucas. It has reached a point that Star Wars is an embarrassment.
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