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Now, I usually don't like to report films of this nature so early on and without much to judge it by, but the premise of this film caught my attention for a number of reasons. First of all, read this:

Follows a college coed who stays in her dorm during Thanksgiving and is terrorized by four masked assailants on the empty campus — the killers are up against far more than they bargained for.
The idea of having one girl against four killers is an interesting inversion of the typical formula of one killer against about four teenagers (with extra fodder oftentimes thrown in for good measure). Oh, and did I mention who Dimension may be eyeing to star in this thing?

Perfection herself, Emma Watson!!

I guess that the film just had a director swap from Gary Fielder to Donkey Punch-director, Olly Blackburn. I know neither of these directors, although I have heard of/about Donkey Punch in the past. Here's hoping that this decision is for the best!!

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