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The Carbon tax (What do you think of this type of tax)


Well on July the 1st

The carbon tax was apssed through to everybody

Thsi will bring price increases in food electricty and other things

Already a bakery is in trouble for trying to put prices up and trying to say it is the carbon tax

I dont like this system and l really thiink there is going to be familys going without power in a few weeks because you see our power will sky rocket very soon

maybe we should stop driving cars and ride a horse

maybe we should go back to the canle instead of using power or heating is being hit to so maybe we should just use a blanket to keep warm

Australia is going back to the dark ages and l bet there will be alot of familys struggling

Do you think that every house hold or every bisness should be slammed by a tax

Or do you think it is a great idea to tax people to the point where they can not afford to live

I did hear on the grape vine that Obama is considering this tax for all Americans and also toher countrys

i hope you all watch Australia ans see how we cope before going for this tax on carbon

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Means nothing except for a power grab unless every country in the world is subjected to the same rate. Last I heard it was global "climate change/warming" not continental/regional "climate change/warming".
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The word Leeches comes to mind here
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Well in theory there should be some sort of cost imposed on all of us -- either through taxes or increased prices -- since economics is about the allocation of scarce resources, and the price signal isn't reflecting a negative externality which pretty much threatens to kill us all.

I must admit I'm not particularly familiar with environmental economics, but isn't it universally agreed that using the tax system -- especially at a level less than a rigid international regime -- is pretty fucking stupid? I know for instance the Coase theorem shows that assigning property rights is far superior, since it reintroduces the price mechanism into resource allocation and provides an efficient outcome under optimal conditions.
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Well you are right we should all be taxed for this but not to the exstent where you put poor people on the streets

The way it is going you wont be able to use much electricty because with this it is going to sky rocket

Plus people alos do not think of all the other extra cost in having a carbon tax

iWe already have the GST and that is at 10 per cent and with the carbon tax it will be more

the cost of living will be high and because it is at its early stages we are not sure how high it will go

The piolitions in Australia have just had a pay rise plus another one early in the year

We only got 17 dollars extra while they got thousands

There is also a minig tax on the miners now which started on July the 1 st

So we as aussies are getting taxed all over the palce

I know the goverment is trying to help but giving a extra 130 dollras per house hold is not enough we need money everytime we go shopping pay bills and things

Going to the rubbish tip to get rid of rubbush was 16 dollrs since the tax has gone through it is now around 35 dollrs

So in around a monthes time it will be interesting to see what else we are going to be hit with

That is why l am saying it is wise for other countrys to see the impact and see if they will start this tax too

it is alright to be taxed but it depends on how much it will effect people

you also have the buggers who are trying to get around the system to see if they can charge people extra too
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I have to also say there is going to be alot of greed and it is going to hit all of us

it is great to have clear skies but we have to be careful on how we make people suffer for it
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Fuck taxes.
There should be global regulations controlling emissions, and steep fines for nonadherence. There should be, but there isn't, and wont be for a long time sadly.
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Yeah, I wasn't advocating a tax. Like, at all. In fact, I was saying the opposite: that my understanding is that assigning property rights and creating a market is far superior, and that nothing is going to work outside of a rigid international rules, since otherwise you're just decreasing your state's comparative advantage and hurting your domestic competitiveness while the global environmental damage just shifts to production in other countries. This is the idea behind stuff like cap and trade.

Obviously the related question of how the costs are borne out by individuals in society is just the exact same question we find in all politics/economics of distributive justice.
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Well you are right there should be fines on how much polition we cause and it should be limited to a certain exstent

But alot of people in certain jobs risk losing there income because of this law been passed through

I feel for them and l hope the goverment can think of diffrent things and certain ways to replacing jobs which cause alot of polition

it is just that there will be huge job losses not only price rises

i went to the local supermarket yesterday and l was going to buy some sliced meat usaully the prices are between 13 and 15 dollars

Now sliced meat has gone up to 20 dollars

I was saying to the shop assident how much this has gone upo she just shrugged and said it had only a limited rise

What alot of these politions dont reaise is that if you put food prices up too much you are going to have people going with out good food because it is out of reach

i just feel that we could have done so much more to pretect the poor people with familys it is alright if you are on your own but if you have a few mouthes to feed it is a diffrent problem
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Also you dont realize the cost of food coming in through diffrent means

There is a cost for everythnig before food or things arrive at the store

I bet we will have alot of products coming form overseas and l bet our farmers and everyone in factorys and such will be paying for all this by having palces closing down

it has only been 5days into this tax and you can already see changes in prices and peopel struggling to cope

Wait until we get our power bills and gas bills it will be interesting to see how much this will go up

Nothing will come from Australia
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Originally Posted by fixedMind View Post
Fuck taxes.
There should be global regulations controlling emissions, and steep fines for nonadherence. There should be, but there isn't, and wont be for a long time sadly.
Good luck with that one. China and India do not care about global warming or the earth at all. Very selfish and closed minded.

I believe in humans and I think we can come up with clean energy solutions if we work the problem. I also believe there are people and companies doing their best to stop these solutions from coming true. Those people buy off the people who make laws.

I would like to know where this tax money is going? I think it is just another tax to add another layer of government in the form ofr regulation and add to the revenue of the state or country or whatever. At the end of the day, if you do not come up with a clean method of obtaining and using energy nothing with be fixed.
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Well l have to agree to that l would like to know where the carbon tax money is going

We will prberly see in around a couple of weeks on this

But l can tell yuo this couple of days after the tax went through the Australian goverment decided to give each other a 5,000 dollar pay rise not 1,000 dollars as l stated on a above post

This is to help them cope with the price increases

This makes me laugh that they have done this while us as aussies do not know how hard we are going to be hit

We also had our power meters cahanged to smart meters which will cost every house hold over 300 dollers

i am just worried about how we are going to cope with all the increases in cost

They said our power bill and gas bill will triple in price

I will have to see if this is going to happen when we get our next bill for power and electricty

They call Australia the lucky country

Well we will see about that when we will possibly be struggling to keep warm this winter

Plus if electricty costs to much we might end up losing our power supply if we can not afford to keep it on

Anyway hopefully it doesnt happen to me or others
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