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Hollywood Mogul 4 Kickstarter


Hollywood Mogul 4 is a business simulation, it's a turn-based strategy game, and it's a creative sandbox.

Hollywood Mogul 4 will take you into the depths of your creativity and imagination as you take on the role of studio head, hiring and firing the biggest names in Hollywood as you bring hundreds of movies to the Silver Screen. It will have two expansion packs: TV Shows, and Suits.

When I say I'm going to take you into the depths of the game, I mean it. Many of the reward tiers hard-code you into Hollywood Mogul 4. You'll be a part of every game played around the world.
This is a good series to play if you love movies. It is similar to The Movies game released a few years back, but in text format. This should not scare anyone away.

The guy creating the game is looking for funding using Kickstarter. He has a big number in mind, but the reason is because he is doing this by himself, and creating a game takes a long time, even a text based one.

If you have never played a HM game, you are missing out. There is a lot of detail to the game, and they are very addicting.

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