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The Higgs found?!

Got to love the science! If they did indeed find it, then this is a monumental discovery & the tip of the iceberg.

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I dont quite understand what it does/could lead to/is. I read the entire article. I dont rly understand.
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I seen this on the news a few days back saying that they have found the God particle

I still dont understand what they found and how they can say they have found it

When the sceintist try to explain it it is all something you dont understand

That is why they used that huge machine to find it

Oh god even trying to expalin the particle give me a headache
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The particle itself is extremely complicate, but it basically means that space isn't empty and is actually an endless ocean of energy. Energy that creates mass in matter. This is akin to the discovery of electricity. Who knows where this will lead us (light speed travel, endless energy, manipulating gravity, etc...) but it is certain to lead us in directions we never thought possible.

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Well the way you descibed it was better than some sceintists ttrying to tell the public of there discovery

Also with all the space travel we do in space it might help us discover new planets and end the end we will be able to travel faster to get there

But wouldnt you have to put other things in place for this to happen

I also thought that the God particle was to do with how life started Bob
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Originally Posted by Bondgirl View Post
I also thought that the God particle was to do with how life started Bob
It's called the god particle because it is responsible for all the matter in the universe. It doesn't have anything to do with "life".

A lot has to happen before we fully know how this discovery will benefit us. Electricity didn't mean much to us at first. Neither did the electromagnetic field. Now our society is entirely dependent on these. What we can do with these powers would blow everyone's mind at the time they were discovered.

It will take time, but now doors that we didn't even know for sure existed just opened up.
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Aside from offering insight into how the universe was formed, there seems to be some potential for limitless energy, perpetual motion - those sorts of impossibilities that would even be "far out" in a sci-fi novel. What's most to the point though is that it's filling in gaps on how things work, and then once we figure out how things work, we can figure out how to make them work for us. I think this is pretty exciting. As far as I can tell, it's the biggest scientific discovery (in physics) in a very long time. This is pretty much opening the next chapter on how things work in a universal sense.

The last part of this infograph (Higgs is the key) might be the best description I've seen of what the Higgs is:

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