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Breast Implant Panhandler


Breast Implant Panhandler, Chrissy Lance, of Rittman, OHIO

AKRON -- In Akron, a panhandler is drawing a lot of attention. But in this case, it's not about money or food. Instead, one woman is panhandling for breast implants.

Dressed in a bikini, Chrissy Lance of Rittman, staked out the corner of Manchester Road and Carnegie Avenue to collect money with a sign that read "Not homeless. Need boobs."

Rittman, who says she has the required license to panhandle in Akron, says she has raised about $90 and isn't leaving her spot until she reaches her goal.

She works as a barmaid and says the implants will go far to "help improve her self esteem."
You have to love America.
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I'm pretty sure this is what Kickstarter is for.
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Well in my opinion l think she is a silly woman wanting to beg for breast implants

I just hope people are not silly enough to take any notice of her and well l hope she doesnt get any more than the 80 dollars she got for sitting there in one spot

What she should be doing is putting money away for this operation instead of taking the money from the people who really need meaning the poor who live on the street

If she was suffering from breast cancer and she had to lose one of her breasts l would donate money straight away
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