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Any Serj Tankian Fans here?

Just wondering, his new cd HARAKIRI came out today and it is pretty phenomenal. (Especially love Reality TV and the title track).

His first cd Elect The Dead was really good... his second cd I thought was good, but not great, it had a couple of great songs (Deserving, Borders Are) but the rest of the cd just felt mediocre... but this new cd there isnt a bad track on it, I think it is his best cd yet.

I of course, like most, can not wait until there is a new System of a Down cd... but I will continue to love these other projects Serj and Darron have (Scars on Broadway).

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I'm a big fan of the albums System of a Down and Toxicity and beyond that Serj as a singer as a whole. After the first 2 albums Darron tried to put his vocals into too much of their music to the point that some songs seemed like Serj was singing back up vocals, which is not cool.

I haven't heard much of his solo stuff though a friend played some of his first solo album and it was alright. It sounded different from SOAD which was good.
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He's already on a 3rd solo album?!?! I haven't even listened to his second album yet! I feel like an idiot. Shit...

Well, I'm a HUGE fan of SOAD, as well as Serj Tankian as a vocalist. (Serj is one of the best singers period.) I did buy and listen to Elect The Dead, which I thought was a pretty solid debut solo album. Obviously, I need to listen to Imperfect Harmonies and Harakiri. I will do so ASAP, and then provide my thoughts on both albums in this thread.

As for a new SOAD album, I hope it happens! Honestly, though, bands like SOAD and Rage Against The Machine never have to release another album ever again. They're pretty much set. Instead, they can continue to tour every once in awhile, and they will sell out EVERYWHERE. With that said, I really want a new SOAD album! Haha!

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