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Zombies, demons, and eternal love: My new book

Hey guys, I am shamelessly self promoting my new book at the forums I frequent around the net.

I wrote a horror/dark fantasy novel and did some independent publishing through Amazon. Right now I am running Amazon's freebie promotion, so if you want you can download it for free! FREE! until Friday, July 13th.

I'm really stoked about this, and what I'm really looking for are honest reviews to be posted on Amazon. Some if you I know well, others not so well, but whatever the case--if you read it please post a review and spread the word! Unless you hate it. Then just post a review. I guess you can spread that word too.

The story is about zombies and demons as the title of my post already says. My favorite horror movies are Cemetery Man, Phantasm, Halloween, 28 Days films, and the original Night of the Living Dead. I think if I could pinpoint inspiration from any of these films it'd be Phantasm--at least the aspect of capable heroes fighting back against overwhelming supernatural odds.

Here's the link! Hope you all enjoy!


Remember, it's free until Friday! Spread the word!
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Hey everyone, I see my thread got some views but no replies. I just wanted to report in and say my promotion period with Amazon was a huge success for me. close to 500 downloads in five days. So if anyone here downloaded it I want to thank you.

I hope you love it!
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Hey everyone, noticing a number of views on my topic--thought I would announce I just reduced my book's price to .99cents. If anyone is interested click on the link above, and give it a try. It is also available in the Kindle library.
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Hey guys--just thought I'd let you know I'm offering my book for free for the next five days. If you're interested in reading my novel, for free!, then follow the link in the first post.

Enjoy, and happy Halloween!
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