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Anybody Remembers the Name of This Movie?

I am trying to remember the name of one horror movie.

I watched that movie two years ago, so the release date of it before that date. There was a sex scene with a guy and blonde girl. A guy or blonde girl (I don't remember which one) is killed after (or during) that sex.

I remember that there is group of friends staying at home for holiday or similar thing. And a guy was cheating his girlfriend with that blonde girl.

Anybody remembers the name of that movie?
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Black Christmas?
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I don't remember a sex scene in the Black Christmas remake, except the one that the girl was watching on her computer monitor toward the beginning.

To the OP, you're going to have to try and be more specific, because what you describe happens in a lot of horror movies.

Any other specific scenes you can remember? Can you remember what the killer looked like? Any specific features?

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