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Thomas Jane is back as The Punisher (Short Film)


Personally, I think Jane's 2004 Punisher is a quality effort. I really enjoyed that film and feel that it takes a lot of unfair hits. Yes, it's different from the mythos of the character but when you compare it to that cartoony/cheesy crap know as Punisher War Zone (that actually stayed closer to the books) it's a far better revenge film in general.

Jane is superb as Frank Castle.

Now that Marvel has the rights back from Lionsgate, they are free to use their character any way they want. They NEED to make Thomas Jane the Punisher again either on TV or straight to DVD movies.
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Yeah I kind of always liked Jane's Punisher movie even if it had some flaws. The best thing about it was always Tom Jane anyway. It would be awesome if Marvel just let him do whatever with the franchise. Whether it be another movie or a TV series (that would obviously have to be on HBO or Showtime), just let him do his thing. He clearly loves the character and knows what he's doing. It doesn't even have to be a part of the "larger Marvel universe" even if Marvel is producing. It might be better off on its' own anyway.
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That was pretty cool given the fact that Jane fronted the whole project and probably shot it over a weekend. As a short to test out the waters, I thought it was pretty good although I have a huge pet peeve about CGI violence, but I trust it had to do with the budget and time.

That being said, I think the Punisher is simply not meant to be a movie. Maybe that's why all of them have failed in different ways. I think he belongs in the same pool of Marvel characters who shouldn't have movies. Antiheroes like the Punisher and Daredevil work better with longer story lines and arcs. They have the kind of stories that are ripe for TV, whereas characters like Batman and Superman is ripe for film. Jane as a TV Punisher on a cable program would be interesting to see. Although personally, there's just something not quite right about his Frank Castle to me. It's a shame because I really want to support him because he seems to really love the character.

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I loved it.

I was actually going to post a thread on this video right now.

I wish Jane was in a more "respectable" version of the movie.

I posted this on Facebook to a friend:

Whenever I think of Jane's THE PUNISHER it makes me think of MAN ON FIRE. If only Thomas Jane was in a PUNISHER movie that played his character with the same reckless abandon of Denzel in M.O.F.
MoF frustrates me in a lot of ways (like many Tony Scott flicks from that time), but his take on the no-holds-barred and devil-may-care approach to the bad guys is what the movie THE PUNISHER should have been like; while still incorporating the better elements of the movie (using the comic-book based neighbors (minus the slapstick humor) and bad guys, practical effects more than CGI - even his origin is fine, etc...). I do like the final act more than I thought I would; the thought process going into it was nice, setting up the final scene.
I honestly don't dislike THE PUNISHER, but it lacked enough for me to be upset at the wasted potential.
With that said, the PUNISHER reboot incorporated the heartless "screw you!!!" attitude I wanted, and then failed on EVERY OTHER aspect...
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I watched this a couple of weeks ago when it first came out and I thought it was really good. I always liked Jane's Punisher, I just didn't like the fact that it was "Punisher and Friends." I think he played a great Frank Castle. I love the fact that he enjoys the character so much that he'd take the time to make this short film.
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This short is better than 90% of the movies I have seen in the past 12 months. I would be super excited if this somehow got greenlit. Hell if HBO (I doubt FX could pull it off) would pick this up as a series they would have a winner on their hands for sure. Jane seems like a great guy and I enjoy his work so I would like to see more of him, especially in this setting.
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