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Kotaku - "Horror Is Not Mainstream"

Read this interesting article on Kotaku. Given that they're a gaming website, it's mainly about horror video games, but they also discuss how this applies to movies.


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I've never thought of horror as mainstream-compatible. Nearly all the films I watch these days are either atleast foreign or independent. Nearly everything else as far as horror is what I call watered down for the masses.
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That was a really good; and sadly true, article. With horror movies, it does seem that the lower budget movies are always the best. Then when the cult following pops up or it's a surprise hit, the studios throw more money into them, get bigger names attached, and try to make even more money by appealing to a "broader audience". Without thinking about it at all, the Saw franchise comes to mind as a recent example. The first film in that series is so much different than the other 6 they shit out afterwards.

And with games it's just as bad; if not worse. I remember games like Resident Evil and Silent Hill being scary as hell back a few console gens ago. Now those franchises are either an entirely different genre (like RE) or not taken seriously and just throw out sub-par games every few years to make a couple extra bucks out of that smaller loyal following it gained back it's better days (the latest SH). I think the only big budget horror game to come out this gen was Dead Space and like that article said, EA is working to Resident Evil that franchise too. I need to try out some of these indie horror games.
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Even well-advertised horror flicks aren't mainstream. How often are real, A-list stars in horror movies? Once in awhile, perhaps with Daniel Craig in Dream House or Jennifer Lawrence in that new haunted house movie, but for the most part, these horror films star nobodies, are directed by nobodies, and are written by nobodies.

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