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Heathers(1988) Alt. Ending

I had seen this ending once before and wanted to see it again. I know I didn't dream up this ending because I looked it up and found this on Wikipedia:

"In an alternate ending, J.D. dies in the boiler room and Veronica is shown walking through the school, though only from the back. This is interrupted by shots of the bomb counting down, showing that Veronica had not shut it off. When she reaches the front of the school, Veronica turns around, allowing the viewer to see that the bomb was strapped to her chest. It hits zero, the screen turns black and Veronica says "Boom".
The next scene is the school prom. A banner says "WHAT A WASTE, OH THE HUMANITY." The students begin to dance, soon with people from different cliques as couples. Dead characters (including Kurt and J.D.) make appearances. The Heathers do a ring-around-the-rosey. The camera moves up to reveal Martha Dunnstock, then a smiling Veronica."

Does anyone know where I can watch it? If so, please respond.
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