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why does it take so long to start my movie?

im trying to watch my extended blu ray of the two towers and when i get cozy on the couch with the lights off and a moxie in my left hand and a remote in the other, i remember that blu rays take as long as the movie is to get to the main menu. the things gotta load, then it goes black, then it plays trailers, then it plays advertisements, then it loads again, then the screen goes black again, then the main menu has to have an animation, then it gives me the option, then i get an fbi warning, then i got another warning, then i get another warning in spanish, then i get a note about the commentary, then i get a note about the commentary in spanish, then the movie starts. i know you're gonna barrage me with advertisements on my blu ray but instead of getting the ability to skip a chunk of trailers, i gotta skip each and every advertisement and trailer before the movie one at a time. it'd be great if i could just go to the main menu or if once i put in the disc it went to the main menu. theres a great option on my other blu ray player that when you put the disc, it goes straight to the movie, but even now with newer dvds they put shit in front of the actual movie. i gotta sit there and stare at 2 fbi warnings before i can start watching underworld awakening. with vhs, i could just fast forward all that crap. but now it takes about 3 days to get to the movie. blu ray looks nice and all but its so inconvenient. not just with all the shit before the movie but just in general, blu ray is really not stable and i shouldnt have to update my player just to watch star trek 3: search for spock but thats another story. books are so easy. you open them up and there you go. but bruce lee isnt in my book so i guess thats not an option.
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because you touch yourself
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I think it should be illegal to have any ads when you buy a dvd or bluray. Years from now it is all outdated and we are still forced to deal with their crap. If I own it, I should be able to choose if I want to watch the other crap and see my movie quickly.
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Originally Posted by SL Dubbs View Post
because you touch yourself
What? Wow. He does? I didn't get that from his rant.

I agree 110% oh-dae. 110%.
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Originally Posted by SL Dubbs View Post
because you touch yourself
If that was the case, I'd be waiting days before my movies played!

I agree though, but I am a person who loves Trailers, so they dont bother me. And load times have gotten way better over the past year or so. And a lot of the titles now allow you to either skip through, or just hit the menu button.

But it is still annoying to have to wait so long to even just get to the movies main menu
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