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Having a 3 year old cousin pass away from brain cancer back in 2005...this story brings me some misty eyes.
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Originally Posted by echo_bravo View Post
Like I said before, Bale flat out rules.

that link is not working for me. was this the same story?

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Yeah its the same story.
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Oh yeah, it's slow to big clap time:


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Well.. now I have to watch Cool Runnings!

There is no doubt Bale is a quality dude.. but im sure someone *ahem* will say that there is a photo of this event and that is proof he did it all for the attention!

But man did you read that article.. the cost to be a member in that Disney Restaurant that Bale took them to! That is insane, 30 Grand just for membership dues! I can't believe anyone would pay that.

But these stories are always good to hear. Keanu Reeves is another one that has always done amazing things with his fortune.

You hear of so many douche bags and divas, that it is good to have these stories out there. Even though Bale got a bad rap with that audio from Terminator, the full story of that audio is actually way better (Bale was having a bad day and he snapped, can happen to anyone, but immediately after, like 2 minutes later, he apologized... then 9 months later the audio clip is released... its like the Prince Harry thing, people take advantage when they can, a bit ridiculous)
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Good for Bale again...obviously I'm a huge fan of Nolan's trilogy but as an adult you almost lose that belief that "I'm actually watching Batman" - to millions of children everywhere, he actually is The Batman. So good for him taking time like this...
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