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Creepshow (1982 - 2006)

Creepshow (1982)

Classic franchise written by Stephen King and directed by 'zombie' Romero, starring an all star old school line up including the legendary Leslie Neilsen, Ted Danson, Hal Holbrook, Adrienne Barbeau, Ed Harris, Don Keefer and Stephen King himself....some greats in there folks. The stories are basic but this may be down to the fact the franchise is based on the old 50/60's E.C. Comics.

Like the world class 'Twilight Zone' 'Tales from the Darkside' and 'Tales from the Crypt' Creepshow is an anthology of horror tales that aren't exactly 18 rated horror but just kooky fun that would fit your halloween party perfectly. The stories vary from quite good to rather average to be honest with minimal gore.

The film is comicbook style with some lovely animations of 'the Creep' a hooded skeletal zombie who spins the tales with his nice cackling laugh hehe the stories also have allot of 'toon' imagery throughout which are suppose to give the impression of boarders within a comicbook, nice but not needed for me. The whole film is also bookended by a short tale like all these anthology films.

As for the actual tales they are a mixed bag to be honest, the first being a zombie returning from the grave to get his birthday cake he never received, this has Ed Harris (with hair!) and is reasonable but nothing too special. Second stars King as a dumb farmer who foolishly touches a meteorite that lands in his crops and slowly becomes infected and overgrown with a mysterious space fungus or plant life. This story is better and more original than the basic zombie story and shows King in a really goofy role for some reason.

Third story involves Neilsen as a rich jealous man who sets up a nasty fate for his unfaithful wife and her lover Ted Danson. Probably the nastiest short in the film with a horrible way to die but the fact Neilsen is the bad guy makes it hard to take seriously haha expecting George Kennedy to pop up at any moment hehe.

Third story stars Holbrook and is a good simple creature tale as a crate containing a large furry razor teethed monster eats people who dare go to close to the crate. Lots of blood and some good fun 'Critter' type eatin in this one

Last story isn't too good in my opinion as a hypochondriac businessman lives in a hermetically sealed apartment terrified of bugs and germs, a story derived possibly from Howard Hughes and not very original with a predictable ending. Overall the stories could of been better but they do have charm and are still enjoyable.

Creepshow 2 (1987)

Stephen King and Romero are back for more tales of terror hosted by 'The Creep'. Again the film is bookended by a short story that starts off as live action but then transforms into that eerie cartoon style that looks so good in the Creepshow films.

The stories again are a mixed bag this time, not with quite the same quality cast line up as before but we do have George Kennedy this time.

First up is a story of an old wooden Indian Chief statue coming to life to get revenge on the youths who killed the old owners of a general store where the Indian is on display. Kennedy is in this story and it is a good one with a nice revenge plot but it is predictable, nice effects on the wooden Chief though.
Second story is slightly better than the first with a group of teens stuck on a raft in the middle of a lake because an oil slick type monster that is devouring them one by one. Nice spooky idea that, despite the monster looking like a flat pancake floating on the water, works well especially effects wise when the teens are sucked under by the creature.
Last story is the weakest and simply involves a woman hitting a hitch hiker with her car and the hitcher coming back to haunt her for the rest of her journey. Pretty lame predictable plot which must have inspired 'I What You Did Last Summer'.

A slightly better selection of short stories over the original minus the good cast but still nothing really outstanding or as memorable as 'Twilight' or 'Darkside', still I must admit I like this old Creepshow flicks very much, love that 80's US halloween style.

Creepshow III (2006)

A change of pace with this latest sequel, no connection to the previous two films with Romero or King but the whole film takes the Tarantino route with intertwining stories that mix and collide with each other as the different stories progress. To be honest the film is pretty good despite reviews that I have read, the stories are dark and bloody but not that original yet they still hook you and keep the atmosphere nice and spooky.

The short stories are quite good but they kick off with a weak offering about a bratty girl mutating into her true form everytime the TV remote is used. Doesn't make much sense and isn't that interesting yet it does have some nice makeup effects. After this all the other stories are mixed in together and we see characters from each segment showing up in other stories.

There is a murderous prostitute on the rampage, a vampire killing folk, a man who buys a radio that can speak to him and help him make money, two college guys who think a professor has built the perfect woman and a cruel miserable doctor who gets his come upance. The way the stories all merge is really well done and you get lots of little plot tit bits from each part that explain other questions from other parts...plus some references to the previous two Creepshow films. I was expecting a real cheap looking flick but instead this is actually quite decent and well worth the honour of being Creepshow 3.

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