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Night of the Demons (1988 - 2009)

Night of the Demons (1988)

Well this certainly isn't quite in the same league as the new remake, yes its a gloriously silly 80's flick but it really is basic in terms of sets, acting and casting, all very cheap and cheerful.

The only reason to watch this, again, is simply for the pretty decent makeup and effects by Steve Johnson, good old fashioned hands on halloween masks and blood.

The new film is full of more seedy outfits and flashy visuals but the gore is about on par with this original. This older film isn't the big rave like the new film, its more lowkey which is slightly better. Its much more gritty and more of a sensible scare fest but by today's standards of course its quite tame and humorous.

Night of the Demons II (1994)

Well a slightly better cast for this one, the odd face is recognisable, Cristi Harris is so so damn cute in this. Its virtually the exact same plot with a new set of teenage souls to be taken but with added action and effects.

To be honest the makeup and gore is really nice here in places (good old Steve Johnson still at the helm), the demons look really sweet with their drool and decapitated heads, sets are abit neater and the finale has a really good demon/snake battle with lovely 'Dusk Till Dawn' style makeup and puppetry.

Its basically the first one again but with added gore, boobs and butts as the spooky action spills out from inside the old house this time. Thought it would be terrible but its actually alright.

Night of the Demons III (1997)

Last entry in this average horror that was spawned from a cheap n cheesy 80's flick and again its not too bad as a throw away piece of trashy horror.

The plot is pretty much the same spiel as before accept the teen fodder on offer this time are minor criminals (by mistake and spur of the moment madness) on the run that swear a lot and are actually reasonably engaging which is surprising.

There is a lot of sexy groping and kissing going on throughout accompanied by amusing terror and 'dangerous' acting haha if you can call it that. But all in all its still fun and like its previous offerings it has some great makeup and gore effects which do shine.

If you like slashy bloody horror flicks then this trilogy is great and much better than you would expect I'm sure.

Night of the Demons (2009)

A total ridiculous load of nonsense packed with sexy girls in corsets, fishnets, gross bloody effects and plenty of lesbian demon makeout time mixed with human tits n ass...and it was totally cool

Yep its a throw away film with a common, unoriginal, predictable, cliched character ridden plot which you've seen over and over but like other films in this genre ('Plane of the Dead' 'Zombie Strippers') it actually has some great makeup and effects which raise the film above other throw away films.

The makeup work is really nice and reminded me of Tom Savini's type of work, really spot on yet alittle tacky at the same time, think 'From Dusk Till Dawn' and your there.
Unknown cast accept for Edward Furlong who looks rather bloated and permanently hung over but his name does lure the experienced cinema goer, it only needs one biggish name.

Pointless film, great horror effects = guilty pleasure. A decent tacky 80's throw back with sexy girls in very little clothes hehe.
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Remake was beyond dreadful...absolutely terrible.

I've always enjoyed the second one more than even the original (opening credits to original though rule!)
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