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Looking for movie title, massive people pass out

Hi all,

I've partially seen this movie or TV series while staying in a Hotel in Singapore 3 years ago, thought its a good movie but couldn't finish it and can't remember its title.

Its about everyone in the city all passed out, fell unconscious for a few minutes, when they regain their consciousness, they could recall things that about to happen in the future, there was this Asian guy who has no recollection of his memory, so he suspect he will be dying soon.

Appreciate if anyone can help to locate this movie title. Thank you in advance.

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Pretty sure that is the television show FLASHFORWARD... it was cancelled after one season.

It was a good premise, but because they had to fill a full season order (22-24 episodes) it got pretty boring in some episodes.


Last edited by SkyNet; 08-17-2012 at 04:25 PM.. Reason: Originally put The Event! But realized I mixed up my one season big premise shows!
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Hey SkyNet,

Yes, that's exactly what I'm searching for, thanks so much, now need to hunt for the DVDs

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