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Netflix and the studios suck

I never used Netflix before and my daughter keeps asking me for movies that we don't own and are not on TV. I say, "Why not give Netflix a try. I have a tv with wifi." I sign up. I look up about 10 different movies at first. None of them are listed. I try people and for Arnold, they have 2 movies. 2. What the fuck? I call customer service. They tell me all the movies I wanted are not for streaming and she blames the studios for not selling them the rights. I cancel. I had Netflix for a whole 5 minutes.

I am sure this is not news for any of you, but I want to bitch. Netflix does all this advertising and they do not have shit to stream. I don't care about the money. They want $7.99 for the streaming and another $7.99 for one mailing type. I am not waiting for anything to be mailed. I would gladly pay $20 a month to stream whatever I want. Hell, I would totally pay $50 a month and I can cancel HBO and Starz.

Now, I have to hear my daughter ask me for movies until I get them.

Here is what I am going to do. I am going to buy a 3T hard drive (maybe 2) and have my friend and uncle give me all the movies and tv shows they have downloaded. I tried to do it the nice and legal way and they all fucked up and they get nothing now. Fuck them for making it so hard to watch a movie. They could make money, but their greed basically forces people to cheat.
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I haven't used netflix in months. Their selection is getting picked apart by uncooperative studios and networks who are getting into the streaming game with other companies or directly through their own websites. Too bad the legal route became more frustrating than the illegal route, but right now it's looking that way. Legal streams can offer the resolution and definition, but they aren't 'as' quick and easy and hassle free as one big ton cuevana style website streaming every movie in watchable quality. I'm guessing most of the ownership red tape getting in the way of legal streaming services is a work in progress. I think studios and networks are still adjusting to the technology and reigning back these streaming services now that they're realizing they can stream content themselves. It's getting proprietary, but it probably won't last. If it lasts, it will probably compromise and cooperate better.

I think I feel entitled to entertainment these days, but I'm not sure if my entitlement will create a good marketplace in the long run. It might. I don't know. But I think our entitlement is here to stay, come hell or high water. I have access to a netflix account and an xfinity account, running the television gamut, covering thousands and thousands of movies and offering an insurmountable variety of accessible entertainment in a cheaper, easier, faster format than has ever existed in the history of media--and sometimes I think fuck it and watch something on streaming because my whim wasn't catered to for exactly the day I browsed the services. I streamed the hunter days before it was released on netflix because I wanted to check out the natural beauty of the filming locations. It was that flippant. I have no idea how the entertainment industry intends to wrangle in this unruly consumption, but they're doing a job of it. These be interesting times.
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I'm a tangible collector. So not only do I NOT rent movies, I don't stream them either. I buy all of my stuff on DVD. So yeah, I agree: Fuck Netflix!
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I prefer Amazon Prime Instant Video. It's about $80 a year and it has a lot more mainstream films as well as classics. Plus, if the film isn't available for streaming, you can always pay $2.99 and rent the film digitally using the same service. I'm not sure what television sets it's available on, but it's available on PS3 and Xbox 360 and of course any kind of home computer.
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I don't have Netflix, but from what I understand they are great for TV shows as well as small, independent movies and documentaries, but if you want mainstream movies and new releases? Forget it.
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I had netflix with instant streaming, and then they made you pay separate fee's for both services, which was stupid.. if you pay for the rental service, it was nice to have the online streaming as an added bonus, but then their greed had to step in the way. I canceled my Instant service, simply because I am a person who rents new releases, I like being able to see the newest movies as soon as possible. (And dont get me started on these studios withholding their new releases from netflix for a month or 2 months... it is a stupid practice because i am a person with a massive collection, and the way I do it is I rent a movie and if i like it, i generally go out and buy it on release week... so these studios are screwing themselves out of business)

I use Amazon Prime as well, I got the service because I order from them a lot and I enjoy "free" 2 day shipping... i dont think Amazon offers as many titles as Netflix, I would say Netflix def has more of a selection.

But i have no problem paying Amazon, they have always come across like a quality company that is for profit, but never at the expense of their customer base. The way companies like Netflix and Best Buy are.
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I had netflix for many, many years, but I cancelled it last year when they split their streaming and disc services (leading to a 60% price hike). I recently signed back up for streaming only just to see if it's worth it. I've been finding myself renting digital movies through either Amazon or my Xbox lately. They charge $6 a movie if you want HD which is fucking crazy.Netflix is $8 a month and I when I first re-started with them I saw like 3 movies I paid to rent within the last month. We'll see how it goes this time.

I also have Amazon Prime mainly for their shipping. They seem to be similar, but it's hard to say for sure. Their navigation for just browsing movies is absolutely awful. They also only seem to get new stuff every few MONTHS. At least that's what it seems like; again, it could just be a poor navigation issue.

Still, no matter what streaming service you pick, you're screwed with new releases. You either don't get them at all (Amazon, Netflix), or you spend a ridiculous amount for them. I'm totally against streaming or digital downloads for OWNING movies, but it's perfect for renting. These studios and companies just need to get off their asses and do it right.
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I don't mind new releases, but anything over a couple years old just drives me crazy. They all made their money many times over. At a certain point they should release it to the world and make a small amount.
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Originally Posted by Erroneous View Post
I don't mind new releases, but anything over a couple years old just drives me crazy. They all made their money many times over. At a certain point they should release it to the world and make a small amount.
Yeah but then they won't be able to release the Unrated DVD, the Unrated DVD + Digital Copy, the Unrated Blu-Ray, the Unrated Blu-Ray + DVD + Digital Copy, the Unrated 3D Blu-Ray + Blu-Ray + DVD + Digital Copy, and the Special Edition Unrated 3D Blu-Ray + Blu-Ray + DVD + Digital Copy + a bunch of swag.
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A cheap putlocker account and a free account on iwatchonline.org work for me.
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