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Underrate Actor Spotlight #5 : Judy Greer

Well , took me a while but i finally got a worthy female to join the flock of my poorly written column.

For gender equality purpose , I always wanted to include actress but honestly, it is very hard to find an underrated one since physical beauty is always the usual way to gage talent for chicks. I mean ... are Angelina , Reese , Michelle and Eliza known for their acting chop or just because every male fan wants to f*ck them ? Not saying all pretty girls are talentless but my point is that their look will help them get in the spotlight. On the flip side , a girl like Kate Winslet who is actually pretty is also known for her acting ability. So finding an underrated one was hard.

I was going for Emmanuelle Vaugier at first but someone blew my candle a while back so I settled for Judy Greer . "Settling" is a bad choice of words since Judy is no slouch either.

Judy's career is weird because she started with roles in movies but then got relegated to TVdom.

Early on , she had roles in Three Kings , Jawbreaker , What Woman Want , The Village and 13 going on 30. Then for some reasons , it all stopped. I guess her guest role as Kitty in Arrested Development was THAT good because the movie roles dried up at that point.

While never achieving star status , she managed to make a lot of her roles pretty memorable .....

Kitty the secretary ( Arrested Development)

Trixie the hooker ( Californication )

Connie ( Mad Love .... that show sucked but her chemistry with Tyler Labine was worth watching )

The naughty naughty Dr. Elizabeth Plimpton ( Big Bang Theory )

Of course , i can't ignore her role as the bitchy agent turned werewolf in Wes Craven's Cursed


Honestly ... watching the movie to see the awesomeness of the moment hahaha
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damn it ! misspelled Underrated grgrgrgrgr

ah well ... more pix then

any mod can change my title from UNDERRATE to UNDERRATED ? since i can't delete topic

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She's also great as Cheryl on Archer.
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Honestly, I thought she deserved an oscar nomination for her work in The Descendants. She broke your heart and made you laugh, even often at the same time.

Definitely a truly underrated talent. And a real beauty too!
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She's definitely a babe

Sweater pic there notwithstanding...
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Great pick for the column. I haven't seen much of Greer, but she's always likable on screen.

When I watched that episode of Big Bang Theory... damn. Fell in love with her right there.
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She's a great character actress and yes quite a babe too. Good spot.

Favourite performance of hers would be either The Descendants or What Women Want, very touching in both.

I'm gonna have to check out those episodes of Californication though...
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She was hysterical in Arrested Development. "Say goodbye to THESE!"

I also liked her in The Descendants and Jeff, Who Lives At Home.
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Originally Posted by Natty View Post
Favourite performance of hers would be either The Descendants or What Women Want, very touching in both.
Yeah .... her role as the girl no one notice in What Women Want was very fitting
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