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The Sessions

Don't let the subject matter (sex and disability) fool you from seeing this warmhearted story of a polio poet victim.

This real life account of Mark O'Brien isn't so much a biopic, but about a 38 year-old confined to an iron-lung (since 6), who is determined to experience a sexual realization (at 38). How is it possible? With the help of a sex therapist and his priest.

This film was not made for sexual results. If anything, it's graceful. It's shows that a handicap remarkable poet/journalist can lead and inspire others to live an independent life. He received his BA in English at the age of 33.

Both Helen Hunt (sex therapist) and Jack Hawkes ( as Mark O'Brien) offer superb performances. There's lots of Oscar buzz for their heartfelt moving performances. You need to see how Hawkes transforms his role mostly from the iron lung, without the ability to move.


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Loved this. John Hawkes is fantastic and Helen Hunt gives one of her best performances. William H. Macy is also great as the priest.
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