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R.I.P. Robin Gibb

Fuck, allthough I wouldnīt admit it in public but I dig the Bee Gees. My parents were really into their pre-disco stuff so I grew up on listening to some shoddy best of from that area quite a lot. Even if I donīt ever listen to them, these guys always had a soft spot in my heart. Hell, their "Staying Alive" and "Tragedy" days are hard to listen to nowadays but I think the entire genre of house music would sound very different if it wasnīt for those albums. So I was bummed out to hear of the passing of Robin Gibb. Rest in Peace man, you did some great songs in your time and I even like "Juliet".
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RIP Mr. Gibb. I never minded the Bee Gee's and could respect/appreciate their success and talent. I guess Barry's the only one left now at this point. Very sad.
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well it is sad that we have lost another australian singer

I know Barry gibb had been battling cancer for quite a while but as it always happens we lose that person
I feel sorry for the remainig brother as he has lost two brothers now and they were twins can you beleive that

The Beegee music was quite cool and you would always here it on the radio sometimes plus the old Saturday night fever song made it big for the Gibb brothers

I know l am late posting this but l will miss there music and great talent as alot of singers today are crap and there is aonly a few l will listen too these days

Here is one of there songs l loved to listen too

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Seems like there have been a lot of music people dying lately.
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