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Let's cast the new Fantastic Four reboot!

Grew up reading the FF, didn't hate the first 2 like most but hope they can do better with the planned 2015 reboot, let's throw out some casting ideas!

Reed Richards - Ethan Hawke, always felt he would be an incredible choice and is still young enough to do it.

Sue Storm - Alice Eve, from the first time I saw her on screen I instantly thought she was born for this role, just look at the new Star Trek photo, it looks like a picture of the Invisble Woman.

Johnny Storm - Not sure about this one, I think they should make him noticeably younger in this version, between 18-20.

The Thing - Vin Diesel, has a great voice for the Thing and would own the Ben Grimm role.

Dr. Doom - Jaoquin Phoenix or Christoph Waltz?
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Diane Kruger is my pick for Sue. She totally looks the part, and I'd love to see her kick butt in an action film. She can play very smart too, as evidenced by the "National Treasure" films.

Garrett Hedlund was great in "Tron: Legacy", and I could totally see him as Johnny Storm. I loved Chris Evans in the role, but he's Cap now, so...

I'm having trouble with ideas for Reed, but Brendan Fraser might be a good choice for him.

As for Ben, I'm stuck. Michael Chiklis was perfect, and I can't think of anyone who could improve on his performance.
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