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A Nice Bond Interveiw


i was watching 60 mins a show that is televised in Australia and they had a segment on the new Bond film that is coming out soon but there wee a few other things connected to tihs clip that a few of you might be interested in

One was a interveiw on one of the bond characters who only made one movie and he was the lead actor and he was aussie

He was contracted to 7 movies of the series but opted out thinking that the series wouldnt contuinue but as you see they are up to the 23 rd movie

Also there was a interview with the character Jaws

i never knew he only starred in two Bond movies

But have a look at his hair why do old blokes go for silly old dyed hairstyles Jaws would have beeen better to just go grey

But l think you will all enjoy this


Just a reminder you have to by pass other clips so you will see the Bond feature or it automatically flicks up as it by passes others
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