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The Sandlot - Where are they now?

I love these.


Screw the "Yeah-yeah" guy.
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I actually saw Patrick Renna (Ham) driving a few months back near the Scientology Celebrity Center in Hollywood, apparently he is a Scientologist (unconfirmed, but a buddy told me he is one)

When I was younger everyone thought I was Hambino! We did look identical!
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Thanks for the link bigred!
The Sandlot will always be one of my favorites
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For a couple of years I actually thought that the kid who played Benny grew up to be Mark Ruffalo...heh, have no clue why

Glad to see most of the others are doing quite well
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Yeah Yeah and Hambino!
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This is the movie that made me love movies. I had to buy multiple VHS copies of this when I was young, because I would watch it so many times that the tapes would break down. It's a classic and one of the best depictions of American youth ever made.

"Anyone who wants to be a can't-hack-it pantywaist who wears their mama's bra, raise your hand."
(everybody raises hand)

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Sandlot is in my top 10 of all time....can't believe Ham looks exactly the same....Yeah Yeah looks like he's been pumping the roids...
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You throw like a girl.

Never really cared for this movie so much. Always felt it was a poor man's Stand By Me
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