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JoBlo Film Game

Rules of the game

This is a game i do on another forum and seeing if anyone on here is interested in playing this game on this forum. If have enough people, Ill do it. Ill be person in charge in setting groups up. Any questions, let me know.


- You will have approximately 2-3 weeks to watch the movie after the partners have been randomly chosen.
– You will post FIVE movies for your partner after the partners have been chosen and they will choose ONE of them to watch. (If you want to watch more of them, go for it)
– If you've seen them all or all but one, you may request a new list.
– After you've watched it, post a review of some sort, or just what you thought of it, or a rating…some proof that you watched it.
– I will allow a few days to get some members, when I feel I have the right amount I will assign the partners and you can post your movies for them. Please address them by screen name so they may find theirs more easily and there are no mess-ups.

PLEASE only sign up if you're going to put in the effort. You will be BOOTED if you take too long to post your movies for your partner or post your short review.

You may sign up here in this thread at anytime (along with any restrictions or suggestions you may have).

It would be movies that are already out on dvd/blue ray. But if your partner is open to movies that are in theater then that would be ok. Only free places i know of is netflix streaming or hulu. Unless you download movies from somewhere. I dont mind going to redbox to pick up the movie my partner recommended to me or family video rental store. There cheap. Documentary movies are a option also if want to recommend any of those. 3 weeks max would be deadline unless everyone thinks thats too long. Maybe 2 weeks instead. Then start up another round shortly after everyone sends there reviews in. Hope that answers your questions. I can give example, like say your my partner.

Your list gadget501, pick from any of these 5. Im giving you a list of movies i really enjoyed and i have to have seen them in past in order to put them on list. You have to pick a movie you haven't seen from this list. If seen them all then ask for another list. (example)




Fight Club

Old School

and you give me a list as well.

then after your pick you have 3 weeks to watch it and then we post are review and rating. Then partner up with someone new and do same thing.

his is just example but would do groups like this. Gona do fake names. and then after you do review at end of round then we switch partners

gadget501 and biggreen99 are teamed up

then you give each other a list of movies that you seen but partner hasnt that you liked.

halllow2005 and redjar33 are teamed up

same thing as above

then have 2-3 weeks to watch the film and then post review on same thread.
May of repeated few things but just trying to explain the game well enough for everyone.

If this is in wrong thread then i apologize. Wasn't sure which thread a post under.

If anyone has any other questions. Let me know
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I like this idea and would be interested in participating. You might find more participants on MFC since that is a pretty good community of movie lovers as well.
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Yea, if will get more people to play. It would work. Could you message me the link to MFC? i never been there.
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Sounds like a cool idea!
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Old 11-22-2012, 08:14 PM
Hey LightsCameraAction, I couldn't message you back because your settings don't allow it but try www.moviefancentral.com
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3 people so far . it can work with 3 but it would be better with 4 or more people. Thanks Scotch, i changed my message settings just now.
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Would you 2 wana do it with just us 3? It might grow as we play more.
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Old 12-05-2012, 05:43 PM
We can try it out and see how it goes.
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Old 12-06-2012, 06:22 PM
that fine with you Tony?
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