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Fuck UltraViolet!

No, I'm not referring to the Milla Jovovich film. That was bad, but it never pissed me off as much as this.

So I dunno if you guys know, but Flixster has been offering free movies for doing certain promotional things such as Tweeting about them or liking them on Facebook. So, I did some of those things and ended up getting the films Michael Clayton, Matchstick Men, Space Jam, and Pay It Forward for free. I like free stuff. Okay, so I recently purchased Mission: Impossible - Ghost Protocol on Blu-Ray and it came with the DVD version as well as the UltraViolet digital copy. So I go to redeem the code, but now I have to make an UltraViolet account. Well, I had assumed that Flixster had my movies on record, but when I linked my UltraViolet account to my Flixster account, all of my movies were gone. So it turns out that it had automatically made me an UltraViolet account when I got those free movies and the movies were on THAT account.

Well I'm shit out of luck, because I already made a Paramount account just to download my digital copy of Ghost Protocol on UltraViolet, which was connected to my new account. So now I have four movies on one account and one movie on the other, and there's no way of merging accounts; I don't know why I was even allowed to make another account since both accounts had the same email. Don't most sites tell you if your email has already been used? Well, UltraViolet didn't, which means my digital movie collection is already broken up.

Why does UltraViolet have to be so fucking difficult to use? I had to sign up for like three accounts just to be able to get movies onto my UltraViolet account, and I can't merge my collections, and it's just so fucking annoying. I know it's kind of a new service, but no service backed by such large corporations should be THIS messy and horrible.

I'm never using UltraViolet again until either the programmers rework the entire service to be less of a trainwreck, but personally, I'd rather just see UltraViolet disappear forever and do all of my digital copy redemption through iTunes or Amazon or something. I think I'm more likely to get brain cancer from UltraViolet than actual skin cancer from actual ultraviolet rays.
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I feel you. Right on!
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Thank God someone finally noticed my rant.
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