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What a great movie , one of may favorites of the year ..makes you want to become a cop because of the friendship you can form with your partner and it also makes you not want any part of it since it's a dangerous job and it show at the end.

One of the best of the year , great acting and chemistry , Michael Peņa deserves an Oscar nom.

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Saw this on the plane. I was surprised it was as good as I thought it was. Totally unrealistic, but hey it is a movie. I did not like the ending from the point when the Cartel wanted to kill the two cops. Up until then, it was a pretty darn good police movie
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The best thing about the movie are the performances by Gyllenhaal and Pena, but they alone can't save this movie from some big mistakes the director makes.

The drug cartel gang were just so unbelievably cartoonish that I couldn't take the movie seriously anymore. They completely dragged the movie down for me.

That whole subplot should have been removed. The chemistry between the two leads is great and I'm sure Ayer could have come up with something better for them than the bullshit that happens.

But the scene where the movie really lost me was when ...
our two heroes were going into that apartment building and into the space in the middle where the gang are planning to open fire on them. They should absolutely be dead after that, or at least lying on the ground close to it. The movie just completely lost me there.

Maybe the ending isn't exactly a hollywood one, but when Pena is holding Gyllenhaal on the ground, I knew what was going to happen. It was obvious to me.

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