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Directed by Jose Padilha

Plot: In 2028 Detroit, when Alex Murphy is critically injured in the line of duty, the multinational conglomerate OmniCorp sees their chance for a part-man, part-robot police officer.

Starring: Joel Kinnaman, Gary Oldman and Michael Keaton

Rated PG-13

Runtime: 108 minutes


Maybe being a nostalgic fan of the original hurts my perception but the entire movie felt soulless to me. It’s like they were so concerned with making the concept feasible and believable that they forgot to have fun. It’s science fiction, why does it have to be grim and dark to the point of tedium? So many technical scenes involving brain surgery and unsettling depictions of Murphy as a head and lungs added to enough technogabblygook to glaze the eyes choked a lot of the fun out of the film for me. Add really bad ham-fisted attempts at political commentary and this movie strayed all over the landscape. There are no great action sequences and absolutely no laughs in sight. Since there really isn't a connection with any character emotionally, what's the point?
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Well, like I said a year or two ago when this remake was announced. I thought it was a bad idea then, and I still think it is a bad idea. As you say, what's the point? I doubt I will even bother with this on dvd. Peter Weller must be laughing quietly to himself somewhere. He was/is/and always will be the only Robocop as far as I am concerned. Remake Robocop and pgr... indeed... lmao
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Good but not great remake of the satirical and great 1987 film.For the most part the film was an uneven mixed bag.
The film focuses on the different phases critically injured Policeman Alex Murphy (Joel Kinnaman)goes through,holding
on to his human side,then the mechanical by the book,efficient drone,then back to holding on to his human side,as the
OmniCorp corporation sees him as the path to billions if he and more Robocops,and robots are put on the streets to fight crime.

Director Jose' Padiha and writer Joshua Zetumer amp up the Murphy family part of the story to get the audience to care
about and connect with the characters,but this made the film feel more drawn out,and slows down the pacing.
The cast does a fine job and the action and SFX are sleak,and it was great to see the bad guys get what they deserved,but this 2014 version of Robocop is a good rental on a slow Saturday night.

Scale of 1 to 10 a 7
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The movie was too long, but I still enjoyed it. Joel Kinnaman Makes an excellent Robocop.

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What I thought was good about this movie is that it takes a different approach to the same material. The original just build a machine from a man, without bothering with ethics (which was kinda the point). This time they touch the topics of what makes someone human and what is free will. However these topics are dropped pretty early on.

The whole point of building Robocop this time is to show the humanity of a robot to the public. But they never show Robocop as a human being. There isn't a montage where he stops crime and helps little old ladies cross the street. Even original Robocop was shown visiting a school with children surrounding him.
New Robocop is just an emotionless machine. While he's build to be human (or humanlike) they sedate him so much he's acts as a machine. In my opinion it contradicts what they showed a few scenes earlier where they emulated free will when the visor is down, but he actually had free will when it was up. That set up a plotline where he Alex Murphy would find out that the visor down wasn't reality and fought that. But the free will thing is never mentioned again.

The film becomes a bit of a mess after the initial creation of Robocop. The action scenes are so so and for such an advanced machine Robocop doesn't use any strategy at all. When he finally solves his own murder, which wasn't murder since he never died, he gets shut down why again?
On TV Robocop is praised that he takes down corruption, but Omnicorp think it's bad or something and Robocop needs to be shut down. I don't know. The movie lost me there. It just seemed like a cheap excuse to make Omnicorp a real villain and not just a company with dubious morale.

Alex Murphy sees his shut down as attempted murder, which would make him a human being. And maybe I mix it up with the original too much, where Dick Jones points out that Robocop isn't a man but a product, but the remake is about deploying machines as law enforcement. Robocop is a machine with a conscious, at least he should be since it's never shown. So why does he consider himself as a human with free will that sees his off switch as a murder weapon.

I think the movie would've been better if they would actually explored the man vs machine aspect more. Even the original did that better, where Robocop gradually changed into Alex Murphy. This time he just changes. Right then and there. There is an hour build up where Omnicorp tries to neutralize the man from machine (trying to find that loophole to deploy Robocop) and it takes one cliché flashback shown from impossible angles to counter his programming. At least I think it did, it's not really made clear when he overrides everything and becomes human.

So I thought it started out good and had potential, but the middle and ending dumb everything down to rehash the original.
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If anybody had balls in hollywood, they would have asked Verhoven to remake it himself and rate the fucker R like it should have been
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Afraid i'll be disappointed
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Every scene with Samuel L. Jackson is pure gold. He's hilarious in the movie.

Enjoyed the first half of the movie, which is when the movie is kind of doing it's own thing. Alas, the second half of the movie, which is when the movie goes on remake mode, it goes on auto pilot and pales in comparison to the original.

Still, over all, it's pretty decent. It certainly beats the shit out of the shitty Total Recall remake/reboot.
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