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Dark Castle's 'The Apparition' (11/27) Fully detailed!

Warner Home Video has revealed plans to bring the horror/thriller The Apparition to Blu-ray and DVD on November 27.
The Apparition stars a collection of actors and actresses whom have all appeared in high-profile films. The group includes Ashley Greene (The Twilight Saga), Sebastian Stan ( Captain America: The First Avenger) and Tom Felton (Harry Potter films). Despite the star power, Warner Bros. never played the film in more than 800 theaters and saw its domestic box office total come in just under $5 million.

The Blu-ray edition of The Apparition will include the DVD and an UltraViolet copy. Bonus features will include the following:

* Witness the Real Terrifying Forces that Consume the Lives of Modern-Day Ghost Hunters
* The Apparition: A Cinematic Specter
* The Dark Realm of the Paranormal
* Haunted Asheville
* The experiment of the Apparition

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Other theatrical films that appear from Dark Castle are....

Here is a list of Theatrical film from Warner Bros. and Dark Castle Ent. and all of theses are produced by Joel Silver,who, started this series with Director William Castle in mind. Some of these ARE remakes of castle's films..:
* theses are all in order of their release dates

#1. House on Haunted Hill (remake)
#2. Thir13en Ghosts
#3. Ghost Ship
#4. Gothika (remake)
#5. House of Wax (remake)
#6. The Reaping
#7. RocknRolla
#8. Orphan
#9. Whiteout
#10. Ninja Assassin
#11. Splice
#12. The Losers
#13. Unknown
#14. The Apparition
#15. Non-Stop(2013)*
* first film to be distributed via Universal, Silver Pictures and Dark Castle Ent.

Dark Castle Entertainment's name pays homage to William Castle, a horror filmmaker from the 1950s and 1960s. When first formed, the goal was to remake Castle's horror films (very similar to another production company Platinum Dunes). After two remakes, it moved on to producing original material, along with remakes of non-Castle films.

Note: You can tell if the film is officially apart of the dark Castle film series is it has the "Castle" logo on the back and that movie is produced by Joel Silver
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