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Freaked (1993)

Anyone likes this fun sci-fi horror comedy cult fave? it's like a live-action cartoon in the style of Island of Dr. Moreau, Animaniacs/Tiny Toons, Monty Python and Freaks (1932) with Alex Winter, Randy Quaid, Mr. T, Bobcat Gothweight, Brooke Shields and Kenau Reeves.

Loved this since i saw it in theaters at 12 and been one of my faves since, such imagination and great effects/make-up.
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Its great - severely underrated and underseen while at it!
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I have it on DVD. Great flick.
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Who else thought Randy Quaid was hilarious as Skuggs and that Stuey was a pain in the ass?

I gotta admit Bobcat was hilarious as Sockhead and too bad his character was destroyed early.

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