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Killer Joe

Hi all!

Anyone looking forward to seeing Killer Joe? It's a new film by William Friedkin (The Exorcist ) and stars Matthew McConaughey as a tough as nails badass Southern hitman. The trailer looks amazing!


Has anyone had the chance to see this? I've already pre-ordered it! :P
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Yeah I loved it. Gave it an 8/10 or maybe even an 8.5/10
I loved how funny it was (granted it was dark & fucked up but still funny)

We actually have been discussing it in this thread here
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Yes, really looking forward to seeing this! Have pre-ordered my Blu-Ray.

This film blew me away from start to finish, I loved the theme, the setting, the intensity and (perhaps most of all) the casting - couldn't have been better if you ask me.
I think one of its greatest strengths is the how it's able to pull the emotions involved all about the place. How I personally felt for some characters by the end of the film is never what I expected.
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