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Handle your shit, independents

This doesn't need to be a neurotic thread, and this doesn't have to be an accusation.

Square one.

The independent voter can be a misleading moniker for apathy or hipster partisanry. An independent isn't always somebody with a political position aside partisan stances, partisan talking points and partisan inconsistencies, and too many self-proclaimed independents are either indifferent to politics at large or plain old fashioned partisans standing at a new skew. A political independent takes in the facts and 'independently' decides on their validity, although I don't consider political independence a reflection on your analytic abilities, information pool or professional experience, and I don't assume everybody has the resources and wits to independently verify conclusions with their common sense. Political independence can be a label-in-response, applied against the general distaste for the trigger words of 'democratic' or 'republican', 'conservative' or 'liberal'. Independence should free voters from the hive mentalities of the two parties, but ten minutes ago I read an independent discussing Obama's socialism. And this morning I read several independents trumpeting the job growth of entry level minimum wage positions. These are not independent thoughts, because I have heard them regurgitated by partisan media and the candidates themselves for months (doesn't necessarily make them wrong or misleading, although they are both). This demonstrates my frustration with the independents.

I love the idea of politically independent people, and I'm happy to find out how many everyday citizens are of two minds about their political parties. I don't think people are party automatons, but I do worry too many people vote like party automatons. So is anybody out there independent from the lockjaws of their respective parties? If so, raise your hand and explain a little bit about the differences that make your opinion more nuanced than your affiliations. Voice your frustrations with your nearest party. We don't need to circle jerk each other's individualism, but a little humanity in our politics would help me through the home stretch of this election cycle.
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I must admit, that a big reason for why I registered as an independent is because I find both parties, not one over the other, but both to be parties to be a bunch of bickering children name calling each other. Conservatives are evil. Liberals are pussies. So fourth.

I will admit that I do find myself siding with democrats probably more than rebuplicans on a lot of issues (gay marriage, gun control, pro choice, etc). Though I am no money expert so I have no idea how to get the economy better. Though I would say we probably would save a ton of money by immediately getting out of all these needless wars we are involved in. But I am against obamacare because it forces you to buy health insurance or face having to pay fines.

I'm against both parties when it comes to foreign policy as you can probably tell from my war comments.

If I vote, I won't be voting for Obama or Romney. I'll be voting for a third party candidate, possibly Gary Johnson.
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You are essentially mischaracterizing what an independent voter is and then complaining about independent voters not having those characteristics.
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But I mischaracterized independents in order to criticize so-called 'independents' who characterized themselves that way. These examples of independent voters frustrated me because they don't actually seem to be examples of independent voters.

Rook to c3. You sunk my checkerboard.

Unfortunately, we all have too much wiggle room to squirm and worm when being too particular about how citizens apply their own party labels. As I understand it, party definitions crisscross, swerve off road, adopt other party affiliations and dress up in Halloween costumes. Obama is running as a democrat despite so much of his policy making. Spending into the military has somehow become part of the conservative platform. 'As I understand it', the independent affiliation can get as foggy as both democrats and republicans, so the only way to actually mischaracterize the independent voter is to say the independent voter is democratic or republican. And so...
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Originally Posted by Shinigami View Post
'As I understand it', the independent affiliation...
Independents don't have an affiliation. That's your mischaracterization of an independent voter.


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