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The Inbetweeners US Remake

Well the US series is almost at an end with 12 episodes and I've seen the first 5. Gotta be honest I wasn't overly impressed mainly down to the fact the casting of the main four lads is terrible. Only one of them is actually the ugly perverted loser they are suppose to be and that is the ginger fat one.

The other three are too good looking, especially the kid with the long flowing hair!! looks like a model almost!. All other cast members are your typical good looking US sitcom types with no character whatsoever. Plenty of hot girls in there which is cool, the only better thing about this show over the UK one hehe.

Much like 'The Office' remake this show follows exactly the same course as the UK version almost scene for scene but mixed up and cut down. The result seems rushed, unfunny and actually kinda cheap looking.

The most hideous crime though is the fact all the swearing and rude words have been censored with bleeps. This makes the show completely pointless, also I'm not sure the US has as many decent swear words as the Brits

Overall it kinda feels like a TV series of 'American Pie' but just heavily watered down. There are a few smart visual gags and lines, some which are expansions of scenes from the UK show which do actually work well but overall it feels really babyish instead of really naughty and cheeky as it should be (yes there is a subtle difference).

Best character is easily the US version of 'Jay' (fat ginger guy), he is crude, slobby with the appearance of a masturbating loser freak...perfect. Another OK character is the US version of 'Mr Gilbert' the teacher who doesn't give a shit. But in this version he seems almost too carefree as he kinda vandalizes and litters in his own school when he gets the chance which is kinda too far really.


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