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Skyfall Review

I caught a press screening of SKyfall last night. I have to say that even after seeing the old Bond films, nothing managed to keep my interest the same as the Daniel Craig movies. I love the idea that it's much more grounded in reality. The only exception is Goldeneye, and that's just for the tank chase and Famke Janssen.

Quickly in the movie, Bond is taken out of action and is presumed dead. He recovers for three months on a beach in the mediterranean shoreline, drinking and boning. He returns after MI-6 is under attack by a cybernetic terrorist as well as the UK government, who thinks human intelligence is outdated.

I loved Casino Royale, but weren't too struck on Quantum of Solace. Skyfall, on the other hand, restoired my faith. The movie is balanced perfectly and the action is somewhat on a second place. The story is much more important in this one as it deals with M's past and how she treats her agents. Daniel Craig managed to find a psichological realism to the character and a little charm that reminds of Connery and Roger Moore in this flick. This is a real Bond, with all the one liners, the killing and the women.

As I said, the movie is very balanced. The opening chase is one of the best I've seen in cinema and definitely memorable. There are no car chases here, jsut the occasional transportation. The classic Aston Martin is used brilliantly as a hats off to the fans for Bond's 50th anniversary, as wella s a few lines from Q. Q, played by Ben Whishaw, is a little arrogant, but he and Bond quickly earn mutual respect and I can't wait to see what they do in the enst movies.

Javier Bardem is simply amazing as Silva, the bad guy and in many ways, Bond's evil twin. Seriously, the dude did an amazing performance. It's like he tries to be better than Bond in every aspect, which includes sexuality (this will definitely be one of the most discussed subjects in the following years). They even managed to reboot a few key scenes from the old franchise, like the famed shaving scene. While Casino Royale took its cues from the Bourne movies, there are a lot of things that remind us of the old franchise here, like the villain's island hideaway, asian casinos, helicopter firing on a scottish mansion. This is the Bond we all know and love. Vesper's story hasn't been closed yet, but Bond is no longer a fledgling, but a real agent.

The finale action scene is good, and a train accident scene is handled beautifully.

Cinematography is absolutely stunning. Lights, textures, every image has life, with a few asian locations being the highlight of the cinematography, the scene in Shanghai being the crown jewel. This movie restored my faith in the digital future.

Judi Dench plays a iron lady of sorts, because the movie deals with her handling of agents and and she even manages to show a few signs of regrets and doubts masterfully. Ralph Fiennes was stunning as Mallory, M's boss, and I was really happy to see him in a good guy role again.

Those who are fans of the original will love the ending of Skyfall, as it makes the circle of the reboot complete, with everything in its palce. There are some MAJOR spoilers at the end which I won't talk about publicly, but the film is absolutely stunning, the action scene being top notch, Naome Harris proving to be much of the fun of the ending. The credits wish James Bond a happy 50th birthday and assure us James Bond will return. The future of Bond looks extremely good after I watched this.

Edit: Oh, one more thing. The IMAX version is almost 3 hours long ! Not sure about the standard version.

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Well l have not seen the movie yet but what l have heard is that this current Bond film is brilliant

i have seen quite a few Bond films over times and there have been some which have boeen good and others that were not

But they say this one is the best out of all Bond films

Do you agree that this is the best bond film or would you rate one of the other Bond films better than this one
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I saw this on Thursday, and with some time to think it over, it is definitely on par with Casino. Not sure yet if I like it more or less. I have little to add to MetalJoker, except to say that Bond fans will not be disappointed and I'm glad the franchise has chosen the current direction. I hope it does surprise you as it took Bond places he has never been. Just don't fish for spoilers! Miles ahead of Quantum (which does not really count as a Bond film in my book, it was merely deleted scenes from Casino) I will be seeing Skyfall again. Great work from all involved.

Also, print I watched was 143 minutes. I'm not sure why the IMAX print would run longer, it shouldn't.

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