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Sam Worthington

Well l had to start a thread on this man

Sam Worthington started off in a movie called The Rogue and then decided to see if he could make it big in America

Well as we can see he has with Avatar and terminater salvation

i was able to watch terminater salvation last saturday and geez he was good in it

I just hope he continues his success and stays away from trouble

i know in Australia we have alot of great talent and it is good to see it pay off

you see we had mel Gibson,Heath ledger and now sam

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Met him Bondgirl, he is a legend. I was drinking in a group of 6 with him one day at the G-Bung in Melbourne about 5 years ago

After the first 30 minute I forgot about the movie star thing and he was just another bloke (except we had the hottest women in the place stopping by our table every 10 minutes).
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Well it is true that Sam is a legend

He has the looks and he also looks at roles that have abit of action in it

You see we have some aussie stars that have alot of sucess but then they choose roles that dont suit them

Well you might choose to look at the actress but me being female l look at our home grown aussie bloke Sam

Not long ago he had a run in with the police but l feel as though it was a set up

The brawl was at a American bar and it went to court but the bouncer who was involved didnt turn up and also the bar said they had footage of Sam fighting but they didnt have that eiether

So it makes me wonder who was involved in this stunt
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Oh l found a site that has everything about sam Worthington

it is amazing waht you can find it looks as though it has plenty of updates


I can tell you he was young here

This show he had a interveiw on does not excist anymore

But this one would have been filmed quite a whle ago

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Old 11-14-2012, 01:46 AM
I look like him .... but he got the hair ! FU Sam Worrthington
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Old 11-16-2012, 06:55 PM
Oh so you look like Sam

if you do l might have to chase you around the block grins
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