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Attack of the Show - Canceled

So it was announced on tonight's show that Attack of the Show was going to run through the end of the year and then no more. That pretty much leaves X-Play as the one and only remaining show on G4 that is actually original programming.

Too bad. I know the show had it's critics, but I always found it entertaining. But once Olivia Munn left, it was never the same. Candace Bailey was a terrible replacement and clearly didn't "get it" - she was just a girl hired for her pretty looks (as was the rest of their staff). Then once Kevin left, that was pretty much it for the show.

I have a feeling that G4 is going to go through a major re-envisioning thing and pretty much change everything from the ground up - possibly a new name all together. Just another niche network abandoning its own niche.
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LOL - I spoke too soon. X-Play is canceled too

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I remember reading a while ago that G4 wanted to rebrand itself and not be as "geeky." Not sure where they're going to take it (hopefully it doesn't become a poor man's version of Spike TV) but I'll miss the nerdy stuff. Always got a kick out of those shows. But the truth is, there wasn't enough material to merit entire series. I mean, X-Play was boring and terrible over the summer. Just not enough going on on the video game front. I hope they manage to still have convention coverage and other specials.
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I remember when G4 first came around when I was in HS and I watched the channel on the regular. AotS, X-Play, convention coverage, Dragonball & Z marathons, video game battle shows, etc. Once they got bigger, and started to tweak what was working, I lost interest. Probably haven't checked out the channel in years.
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Isn't the whole channel being disbanded?
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