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American Idol season 13

Anybody been watching this season?

I haven't been watching the episodes, but I have been listening to the performances on youtube. And I gotta say, this group of singers is actually pretty good over all.

Never thought I'd hear a guy not only do an Adele song but actually do it well brilliantly and that's exactly what Caleb Johnson has done. Bravo man. By far the best performance of the week. And he's definitely becoming a real front runner and is currently my favorite as well.

Really there weren't any terrible performances. A few not so great performances. I'd say the one who should go home is Alex Preston. He did Falling Slowly, a song that is incredibly hard to fuck up and yet, while there moments where he was fine, as a whole, he did not do the song justice at all.

Most Improved Performer: Malaya/M.K. (tied) - the last few weeks I really hated these two but I gotta say, they both did a good job this week, surprisingly.

My top 3: Caleb, C.J. and Jessica

My Bottom 3: Alex, Sam and Ben.

Ben, who sang Bennie and the Jets, was actually pretty decent, he sounded fine, it's just that his performance paled in comparison to Haley Reinhart's take on the same song from a few seasons ago.

Like I said, if it were up to me, I'd send Alex home. Or maybe Sam. Sam wasn't horrible, it was just kind of bland and forgettable. Nothing special.
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