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SimCity - Feb 2013

SimCity Gameplay Footage

I don't know about anyone else, but I've been hooked on SimCity ever since I was introduced to SimCity 2000 years ago. And I've been waiting impatiently for a number of years for Maxis to bring out a new one. Finally, it's on it's way.

I'm so excited by this that whenever I mention it to casual gamers, I'm met with a "is that like the Sims?" response. Oh my god. If only these poor souls had grown up before the Sims took over the world.

But now the series is being revitalised, re-imagined and re-awesomed (yeah I made that word up) and I couldn't be more excited. Bring on Feb 28....NOW!!
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Have hundreds of mods for SimCity4 and play it at least once a month for a few hours. Love it. But the new game..I believe it requires a constant online connection to play...nope. That ended any interest I had in it.
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I don't see tht as a problem. People are always complaining about constant online connections. I don't see what the big deal is. I've never had a problem and have unlimited quota
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A constant internet connection isn't a problem in my eyes. Plus, there's ways of working around that limitation.
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Well so much for not being concerned about the constant online connection required to play the game. I myself haven't bought the game yet (luckily). I'll be waiting for a bit until all the server issues are fixed.

So it appears Mongo was right to be skeptical about online. Kudos to him.

This is one of the biggest blunders in game launch history. No words can describe the disappointment and frustration I feel. SimCity has always been a single player game at its core. While I don't disagree with adding a multiplayer component to the game - in fact I think it is a logical and potentially fantastic evolution of the game - The fact that there is no option to play single player in an "offline" mode is utterly reprehensible and downright fucking ridiculous.

EA has pushed this bullshit onto the players with its Online DRM and alienated Maxis' loyal fan base. Congrats on making this one of the most disastrous game launches in history.

Fuck you EA!!
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I guess I'm lucky I have a Mac so perhaps when they finally release that particular edition all the kinks will be fixed.
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