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What did you think of...Malcolm X?

Hey folks. We started watching Malcolm X today in my English class and wanted to know what you guys thought of it. We have a 3 page packet to fill in at the end of the movie, which sucks, but that's besides the point.

How is the film and does it deliver strong messages about race and diversity?
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the movie is great because it will show exactly what malcolm was fighting for, many believed malcolm to have been racist but the movie does a good job of portraying who he really was.

i think denzel washington's performance is better than the one he gave in training day.
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My fourth best film of the 90's, and in my top 50 of all-time, an absolutely incredible film. Its message is never preachy, but always straight-forward, we see Malcolm as he was, and I think having read The Autobiography of Malcolm X adds an even greater understanding to the man and his beliefs. Lee is an incredible filmmaker and this is his most grand and magnificent film. As excellent (perfect even) as the film is, I must say the greatest aspect of it is Denzel Washington's performance, I think it is the best performance, by either sex, in a lead or supporting role, of the past 23 years.

Hope you enjoy it.
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Yeah, unfortunately I have only seen one Spike Lee film: Do The Right Thing. That has an excellent lesson built in as well. My only problem with watching Malcolm X in school is that it gets split up so much. Our teacher will probably do only 30 minutes a class period, and the rest we discuss what we saw.
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Oh, man, I did not like this film at all. And now I feel bad. My problem is that I believe Spike Lee was not objective enough - and that the handling of some of the issues around Malcolm X's life (certainly with M.L.King) were inadequately explored (though I believe the film is cut by at least an extra hour - which may explain some of it). Great performances, though, and as usual the direction is faultless - I just find Lee's movies (Do The Right...and Summer Of Sam aside) to be unsatisfying in a way I cannot quite define. Big hopes for 25th Hour, though.
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I have to agree with everything that has been said so far.

Denzel Washington is the PERFECT Malcolm X. No one could play him like he did. He deserved an Oscar for that performance.

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Could have been two hours shorter and cut out spike's part. Ok film, not great. Washington was brilliant.
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i think its an okay movie, and just shows how great of an actor denzel is
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and what a great director spike lee is.
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We finished it a few days ago. My rating would be a high 7/10. Not a bad film, not a great one.
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Think you missed the point, dude.
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I think it is okay movie, I like it.
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If I had to choose just one performance as the greatest performance of all time, I'd say Denzel's performance in this movie. It's a truly amazing piece of acting and the movie is a masterpiece. By far, Spike Lee's best film and he's made a lot of great movies.
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Originally Posted by SS-Block View Post
A dissatisfactory, sugarcoated telling of a racist piece of trash; however, I am only a "white devil" and to blame for the actions of other "white devils".
How the hell did you find this thread? The last post before you was 9 years ago.
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that's why people need to watch it. many people have the misconception that Malcolm was racist, but he actually was moving towards more of a martin luther king jr. point of view before he was assassinated. the movie shows his transformation after his pilgrimage to Mecca. he sees people with blue eyes and white skin praying to the same God. he learns that it's possible for people of different races to live in harmony. I know it's 3 hours long but I think it's worth the time to sit through.

this post is from a long time ago haha
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#988 on my top 1,000. Definitely one of the best powerful performances of the 90's. One that I definitely have to rewatch again someday soon.
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