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Underrated Actor Spotlight #6 : Rick Hoffman

I recently got into the TV series Suits and the Louis character is remarkable. Both devious and a laughing stock yet loveable , it's a worthy performance from Rick Hoffman who i've seen a couple of time around in movies and TV series but never actually bothered to check out on IMDB before yesterday. I knew the face but not the name.

Sorry Rick , I'm only human after all.

This guy is the epitome of underrated. Never has and never will he be a "star" but he is talented and brings a lot to the table as a professional actor either as a supporting cast or a background extra. An actor that nobody knows and that will not bring you a ton of karma on Reddit but he will be the beam that makes your birdhouse solid.

His IMDB credits is not as extensive as others i have named before ( only 61 ) and to be honest , i don't think i've seen 50% of his work but all i have seen of him left an imprint ( mostly the TV shows : CSI , CSI:Miami , CSI:NY , The Mentalist , Without a Trace , Chuck , Leverage , Numb3rs & Lie To Me ) .

But yeah he did appeared in movies too : Hostel I & II , Lethal Weapon 4 , Cellular and The Condemned ( The Condemned is the only part i remember )

Let's say you invite friends over to see your new house. What will you show them first ? The 50" inch TV or the nice leather sofa ? well , Rick Hoffman is neither. He is like the stainless steel oven in the kitchen. Not appealing but will effectively deliver a perfectly cooked meal everytime.

Suits is an ok TV serie but at least he got a chance to shine , he took it and it's one the main reason i watch the show .... well that and Donna. It was about god damn time after a career that spawns 30 years.

It's not about recognition , it's about the perks !
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Everytime I see this guy onscreen, I think, "It's that yuppie asshole".

He's really good at wanting to make you punch him in the face.

Another great column Frog, can't believe no one replied!
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No biggie . Rick Hoffman got more roles on TV than movies so people might have noticed him less but you're right , i wanna punch him in the face so bad haha.

Some more pictures to juggle people's memory


The Condemned ( in which he suffered a near-death experience on the set according to IMDB ... sadly no details about the incident )

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