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The Walking Dead Game

Anyone else playing The Walking Dead game by Telltale games?

It's an episodic adventure game. Not a first person shooter or anything like that. Mostly it's about the dialogue and the choices you make.

Only the first two chapters are out right now. I loved the first chapter, but I have to say I was pretty disappointed with the 2nd chapter. In the first chapter you had to make choices between two GOOD choices, which I think is relevant and makes soooo much sense. In the 2nd chapter you have to make a decision between two BAD choices, which ruined the story a very slight bit for me.

Anywho for fans of the show/comic:

Hershel has a very small part.

Glenn has a pretty big part in the first chapter, he leaves the party pretty quick though to head into Atlanta.

Lilly from the comics has a pretty big part in the 2nd chapter.

The episodes are 5 dollars each on the console, or for the PC you pay 25 upfront and you get the episodes as they are released.

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Im waiting for all the episodes to come out and get a review of the whole thing before i give them any of my money.

From what i hear the second episode is an improvement over the first so thats a good sign.
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When I first heard about the game I really thought it looked bad. Telltale didn't seem like a good fit and their other recent games have been boring, but I was very surprised at how well it works. I bought the season pass, but only played the first episode so far. I'm going to try and wait for all the episodes to come out before I play through since I'll forget details in between the months waiting for each new episode coming out. That's why I hate episodic gaming. Still, it's a really unique game and a steal if you can still get the season pass of all 5 episodes for $20. They should have dumped the episodic gaming crap, made all 5 episodes in one game, and released it both digitally and on disc. When putting all the episodes together, it's probably going to be a huge game (even more so considering the price again).
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It does give you a recap of what happened before each episode, even including the choices you made.
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Just finished the first two episodes. Enjoyed them a lot more then I thought I would, this is easily Telltale's best work. Usually not a fan of them.

Thought the 2nd episode was much better then the 1st. Tougher decisions to make in a much more intense situation.

In the 1st episode, I really wanted to be the good guy, make all the 'right' decisions. But in the 2nd one after talking to Carley about stepping up to be the new leader of the group, I think something changed in me, haha.

Couldn't stand Larry, so I offed him the first chance I got. Not a fan of Lilly, so I could really care less what she thought about it. Hopefully I can get rid of her soon too. Plus Larry knew about my past, so it just gave me more incentive to get rid of him.

I really like Clem, Carley and Kenny. Gave them all rations of food, along with Larry to get on Lilly's good side (tried to play both sides). Carley wouldn't take it so I gave hers to Duck. Carley's a good shooter so that's why I chose to save her and I got Kenny's back til the end

Loved the whole Cannibal story of episode 2. Was surprised to see the stats at the end stating very few people chose to kill both brothers. The way I was thinking was this family killed a friend, tried to feed us our friend, then kill us and I couldn't let them live or they may come back and I'd have more enemies to think about. Guess some people didn't wanna kill in front of the group or didn't think ahead.

Loving the story so far though, I'm gunna play through the entire game once, sticking with the decisions I make. Then once it's over, I'll prolly play through again but differently, making all the opposite decisions.
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Just finished episode 1 and i loved it. Reminded me of those old french " Livre Dont Vous Êtes Le Héros " don't know if english version of those exist ( they probably do )

that one was scary as hell

For the younger generation , it reminded of the Gabriel Knight series gameplay.

It is very short tho. Took me maybe 90 minutes to finish on easy but it is very immersive. Worth every penny ( 25$ is pretty cheap for the whole package ) but the replay value is pretty limited.

Once Episode 5 is done , i'll retry on hard and maybe change a choice or 2.

Btw Season 2 of the game was confirmed.
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The Walking Dead is an role-playing adventure game.I played it last week this is really amazing game and differ like other games.I'm also a big fan on The Walking Dead TV show.
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The 3rd episode has been released. I haven't had a chance to play it yet though.
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The walking dead game is basically based on tv show which is so famous and last nite i have complete all the missions of this interesing game it was really superb to play.

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So they released the 5th (and final) episode earlier this week. It didn't seem as long as previous episodes I thought, but after having played through all 5 episodes I have to say... wow. Without giving anything away (because that would be awful!), this game has one of the best stories I've ever seen in a game. The way they managed to get you attached to some of these characters (mainly Lee and Clementine) was just phenomenal. After it was over, I found it kind of ironic that it had more emotion and character than anything the Walking Dead TV show has done (and I'm a fan of that too for the record). But that's not a knock at the show, it's a praise for the game. The fact that you can get the full game for $20 or so (less this weekend probably) is an absolute steal. If Roger Ebert ever says anything about games not being art again, someone will need to make him play this game.
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Now that all the episodes are out i'll probably get around to grabbing this off the PSN. Wanted to wait till they were all out. I've heard pretty much only good things so far aside that it seems that each successive chapter is a little less..... good i guess, depending on who you talk to.
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I bought the first episode on XBLA and loved it..Then when I saw that it was coming out on disc I decided to wait because I have the old 20 GB HDD and I really don't have the room to download each episode..Plus I am getting the sweet limited edition from Gamestop

Only one more week away!
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