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Best War Movie By War

What are your favorite war movies for each war? Just list as many wars as you can find films about.

American Revolution The Patriot (2000)

Civil War Glory

Russian Revolution Battleship Potemkin

World War I Paths of Glory

World War II The Thin Red Line

Vietnam War Apocalypse Now

Iraq War The Hurt Locker

Of course there are more wars in the world, most of which have been made into films, so feel free to list more. One thing I did notice though, was the lack of War of 1812 films. Perhaps it was just not as profound a war as some of the others. Oddly enough, I don't think there's a ton of American Revolution films either, despite that being a pretty important war in American history.
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Only modern warfare flicks, dude, or can we also list wars of the ancient world?
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American Revolution: The Patriot

Civil War: Glory

WW1: Gallipoli

WW2: Saving Private Ryan

Vietnam: Platoon

Iraq War: 1st Iraq war or 2nd Second? If either counts then I'm going with Courage Under Fire
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Originally Posted by God of War View Post
Only modern warfare flicks, dude, or can we also list wars of the ancient world?
Any wars, I guess. I didn't list any ancient wars 'cuz I'm shit at ancient history.
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Qin Warring States Period - The Emperor and The Assassin
Roman Servile Wars - Spartacus
Crusades - The Seventh Seal
Northern Crusades - Alexander Nevsky
Scottish War of Independence - Braveheart
Hundred Years War - The Passion of Joan of Arc
Sengoku Warring States Period - Ran
American Indian Wars - Ulzana's Raid
Seven Years War -Barry Lyndon
Napoleonic Wars - Napoleon (1927)
The Civil War - The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly
Crimean War - The Charge of The Light Brigade (1968)
Satsuma Rebellion - The Last Samurai
Second Boer War - Breaker Morant
Mexican Revolution - The Wild Bunch
Chinese Revolution - The Sand Pebbles
Russian Revolution - The Red and The White
WWI - Grand Illusion
Irish War of Independence - The Informer
Spanish Civil War - Pan's Labyrinth
Second Sino-Japanese War - Red Sorghum
WWII - Bridge On The River Kwai
Cold War - Dr. Strangelove
First Indochina War - The Quiet American (2002)
Korean War -Tae Guk Gi
Algerian War - Battle of Algiers
Cuban Revolution - Che: Part 1
Vietnam - Apocalypse Now
Cambodian Civil War - The Killing Fields
Nicaraguan Civil War - Walker
Iran-Iraq War - Persepolis
Salvadoran Civil War - Salvador
First Lebanon War - Lebanon
Iraq Part 1 - Three Kings
Rwandan Civil War - Munyurangabo
Somali Civil War -Black Hawk Down
Afghanistan -Restrepo
"Global War On Terror" - Syriana
Iraq Part 2- No End in Sight

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Well shit, QUENTIN. Color me impressed.
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I don't know how anyone is really supposed to name any single WWII film. Even breaking it down to ETO and PTO there is no way in hell that I could do that. Ditto for the American Civil War.

The lists above have most of the best choices for everything else. It's odd to me that so few quality films seem to have been made about the American Revolution.

Having said that, there has to be something better than that piece of shit The Patriot. That's a fucking Charles Bronson revenge melodrma with bare historical trappings. I'd take the A&E telefilm with Kelsey Grammer playing Washington over that.

I don't want to overturn anyone's choices (Paths of Glory, The Grand Illusion and Gallipoli are lirterally the first three WWI films I thought of), but I would like to mention a few quality films that haven't been listed yet, if it's okay with the OP for me not to provide a real list, as such.

The Hundred Years War - Henry V (either version)

Seven Years War (AKA The French and Indian War for us Americans) - The Last of the Mohicans

Napoleonic Wars - Sergei Bondarchuk's Waterloo and his adaptation of War and Peace give those the proper epic scale.

If you want a film that gives a small glimpse of what a complete waste of human life and potential the First World War really was, I would suggest Regeneration.

Finally, two of Ken Loach's films deserve a place here. The Wind That Shakes The Barley, which covers both the Irish independence struggle and the subsequent, absurdly tragic Irish Civil War and Land and Freedom, which is the best non-Spanish depiction of the Spanish Civil War.

As much as I love Land and Freedom, I'm a little hesitant to look like I'm suggesting that The Spirit of the Beehive is anything short of an immortal classic, because it most assuredly is not. It's just that because of when and where it was made, the themes that are manifest in Ken's movie are only an implicit subtext in Erice's masterpiece.
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Second Punic War: Hannibal (1959)
Second Triumvirate War: Julius Caesar (1953)
Hundred Years' War: Joan of Arc (1948)
French Revolution: A Tale of Two Cities (1958)
Napoleonic Wars: War and Peace (1956)
Crimean War: The Charge of the Light Brigade (1936)
American Civil War: Gone with the Wind (1939)
Second Boer War: Young Winston (1972)
Russian Revolution: Doctor Zhivago (1965)
World War I: Ryan's Daughter (1970)/ A Farewell to Arms (1957)/ All Quiet on the Western Front (1930)
World War II: Casablanca (1942)/ From Here to Eternity (1953)/ The Guns of Navarone (1961)
Korean War & Cold War: The Manchurian Candidate (1962)
First Indochina War: The Quiet American (2002)
Vietnam War: Good Morning, Vietnam (1987)

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American Revolution - The Patriot (though I hear Brando's Burn! is pretty good too)
Civil War - Gone With the Wind
WWI - Le Grand Illusion
WWII - Saving Private Ryan
Vietnam - Apocalypse Now
Korean War - MASH

War on Terror - Iron Man?
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The War Against the Machines - The Terminator
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Hmmmm let's see (in chronological order):

Greco-Roman Wars: 300
Roman wars of conquest: Gladiator
Sino-Xiongnu Wars: Mulan
Three Kingdoms of China: Red Cliff
Mongol Wars: Mongol
First War of Scottish Independence: Braveheart
Guaraní War: The Mission
Seven years War: Last of the Mohicans
American War of Independence: Drums Along the Mohawk
Napoleonic Wars: Master and Commander
Franco-Mexican war: Two Mules for Sister Sarah
American Civil War: The Good, the Bad and the Ugly
Satsuma Rebellion: The Last Samurai
Russo-Turkish War: The Turkish Gambit
Zulu wars: Zulu
Mexican revolution: The Professionals
WWI: Paths of Glory
Russian Civil War/Revolution: Doctor Zhivago
Spanish Civil War: Pan's Labyrinth

WWII (China): Empire of the Sun
WWII (Nazi Germany): Schindler's List
WWII (Poland): The Pianist
WWII (occupied Netherlands): Black Book
WWII (occupied France): Inglorious Basterds
WWII (wartime Britain): The Eagle has Landed
WWII (North African Front): Days of Glory
WWII (Mediterranian Front): Guns of Navarone
WWII (Eastern Front): Brest Fortress (released internationally as Fortress of War)
WWII (Pacific Front): The Bridge on the River Kwai
WWII (Italy): Von Ryan's Express
WWII (Western Front): Saving Private Ryan/Band of Brothers (tie)
WWII (wartime Japan): Grave of the Fireflies

Chinese invasion of Tibet: Seven Years in Tibet
Korean war: Tae Guk Gi
Cuban revolution: The Godfather Part II
Cold War: Thirteen Days
Vietnam War: The Deer Hunter
Israeli-Arab conflict: Munich
Cambodia: The Killing Fields
Soviet War in Afghanistan: 9th Company
Troubles in Ireland: The Long Good Friday
Gulf War: Three Kings
Somalian Civil War: Black Hawk Down
Yugoslav Wars (Bosnia): Saviour
Rwandan Civil War: Hotel Rwanda
Chechen wars: 12
Sierra Leone Civil War: Blood Diamond
War on Terror: The Kingdom
War in Afghanistan: Iron Man (kinda, lol)
Burmese insurgency: Rambo
Iraq War: The Hurt Locker
Mexican drug war: Once Upon A Time in Mexico (it was strangely prophetic)

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Star Wars!
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