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Pixelschatten NY and LA premieres

Hi everyone,

last year I made my first feature, probably the best first-person-POV film around, and now we're hitting NYC and LA through TUGG.

TUGG screenings only happen when enough people agree to attend the screening. We're trying NYC on Dec 13 at the AMC Loews Village, but we need 60 people more going during the next 20 days. We're planning an LA screening for mid January. So it would be great if you could spread the word. I've been a Schmoe for over 6 years and would really appreciate your help. This is a big opportunity for a German filmmaking team and a real indie film - and we might find an audience for "Pixelschatten"

Get tickets for the NY event here: http://www.tugg.com/events/1836
You can find trailers, reviews and more at http://www.pixelschatten.com

Feel free to contact me through: http://www.facebook.com/ajkunnel


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Hi everyone,

there are only 24 hours left to bring our unique German drama "Pixelschatten" to New York City!

We still need 40 ticket orders to make the screening happen - so please let everyone know about the unique possibility to watch my first-person POV movie! If everyone who already ordered one ticket would get another person to do the same, the screening will happen!

This is a real indie and we would love to distribute it the old DIY way - this is a movie that's meant to be seen together with a crowd! Here's an exclusive scene (you might need to activate the subtitles):


An LA screening is set for Jan 9: http://cinemaspeakeasy.com/2012/11/2...tten-la-jan-9/

Cheers from Germany!

(Facebook: ajkunnel, Twitter: @ourlifeisonline)
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