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Six Feet Under

So I finally decided to give this show a go after so many years of hearing of its greatness and am very glad I did; it's immensely entertaining and addictive. Thank God it avoided the whole "soap opera storylines," a staple in most dramas, and instead went for something far more realistic with three-dimensional characters. I currently just fnished the fourth season and I'm about to dive into the fifth.

What are your thoughts on the show?

Please no spoilers.
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Perhaps my favorite show of all time, nothing else comes close in terms of emotional impact.

You're in for a treat with season five. It's heart-wrenching and completely draining, but it gives you something that'll stay with you forever. Without a doubt the best ending to a show ever, in my eyes.
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Literally every single show that I've spent years hearing about how great it is and have finally decided to give a go I have loved. Over the last couple years this is stuff like Oz, The Wire, The Sopranos, Community, Mad Men, etc.

But for some reason I tried watching this over the holidays and I just didn't like it. (I gave it three seasons which is a lot of wasted time, but I did it off of reputation and an assumption it was going to get better). This is the first and only time this has ever happened to me. A lot of the actors seem atrociously amatureish, a lot of the emotion feels beyond silly, a lot of the characters feel one-dimensional or just silly, a lot of the melodrama seems outlandish. I don't know, Peter Krause seemed like a terrible actor and his constant over the top efforts at generating emotions wore me down.

The show is extraordinarily popular on these boards and I have to admit I am really curious what I am missing. I would love it if somebody could write a good defense of the show.
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I definitely understand why one might not warm up to the show. The characters can be pretty unlikable at times and it does get a bit repetitive. I guess what I liked about it was that it depicted a completely fucked up family, who also just happen to own one of the most depressing and morally strange businesses that one can own. It wears its heart on its sleeve, but also manages to say some interesting things about life and the unpredictability of things. I agree about Krause a bit, but I felt that he really came into his own in the last couple of seasons.
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- Season one: Fucking Awesome

- Season two: Even Better. Some of the best TV I've ever seeen.

- Season three: not that great, characters start losing sense of "reality" and making stupid decisions that go against what I feel they'd do.

- Season four: More of the flaws of S3 become more apparent, and people that I loved in the first two seasons end up being the people I hate most by season 4. There is constant squabbling and misunderstandings, playing itself off like a bad soap opera. The biggest problem I have is that no one will fucking COMMUNICATE. I understand this is how "people are" in the real world, but first of all, see the type of people David, Nate and Claire are: then notice how far they have fallen as HUMAN BEINGS by the end of this season. It's just sad, and it feels to me as if they are doing these things because the writers want more conflict; not because it feels like a natural progression (or digression) based on what the series first established about them.

- Season five: I thank the Gods it is about to end, and although seasons 3-5 had a few great episodes here and there, it was high time the series ended. I liked the last part of the final episode. Partially because there was hope that there wouldn't be a reunion episode/movie somewhere down the line.
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In my top three shows ever, along with The Sopranos and The Wire.
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Still have not watched season 5...

But one of the best-written, most emotionally crushing shows I've ever spent time with. So naturally I adore it. I had the finale spoiled for me so I've yet to watch it.
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The phenomenal last ten minutes of the series finale (arguably the best ending in television history!) makes everything that came before it (like the prior uneven seasons already discussed) worth the wait!
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