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Skylanders:SWAP Force thread

Activision's Skylanders SWAP Force continues to build upon the success of the award-winning franchise's
signature gameplay and collectible toy experience with the introduction of an innovative feature - dynamic
swapability. Kids and gamers will have unprecedented levels of choice in how they explore Skylands and
battle Kaos by swapping the top and bottom halves of the toys to transform 16 SWAP Force characters
into more than 250 unique combinations. Set in a richly detailed world of next generation visual fidelity,
Skylanders SWAP Force takes kids on an all-new adventure with 32 never-before-seen heroic characters
that each offer unique powers and personalities. The game also features new abilities - such as flying, climbing,
and teleporting - which can be used in special areas of Skylands. Additionally, fans can play with their entire
collection of 100+, forward-compatible toys from both Skylanders Spyro's Adventure® and Skylanders Giants™.

Fryno - Fire Kraken - Smolderdash - Lightcore Smolderdash - Blast Zone - Lava Barf Eruptor - Series 2 Hot Dog
Rip Tide - Punk Shock - Wash Buckler - Freeze Blade - Lightcore Wham Shell - Gill Grunt [Series 3]
Slobber Tooth - Scorp - Rubble Rouser - Doom Stone - Lightcore Flashwing - Prism Break [Series 3] - Knockout Terrafin
Stink Bomb - Grilla Drilla - Lightcore Bumble Blast - Bumble-Blast - Zoo Lou - Ninja Stealth Elf - Thorn Horn Camo
Free Range - Boom Jet - Lightcore Warnado - Horn Blast Whirlwind - Turbo Jet-Vac - Pop Thorn - Scratch
Magma Charge - Spy Rise - Lightcore Countdown - Countdown - Wind Up - Heavy Duty Sprocket - Big Bang Trigger Happy
Hoot Loop - Trap Shadow - Lightcore Star Strike - Star Strike - Dune Bug - Super Gulp Pop-Fiz - Mega Ram Spyro
Rattle Shake - Night Shift - Lightcore Grim Creeper - Grim Creeper - Roller Brawl - Twin Blade Chop Chop - Phantom Cynder

Release dates:
North America on October 13,
Australia on October 16 and
Europe on October 18.

Fans can pre-order Skylanders SWAP Force Starter Packs worldwide beginning on June 7.
All games pre-ordered at participating retailers worldwide also will come with a free Skylanders toy.

Suggested retail pricing:
starter pack $74.99
individual action figures $9.99 (core characters)
SWAP Force characters $14.99

(Developed by Vicarious Visions for the PlayStation 4 system,
PlayStation 3 system, Xbox One, Xbox 360 and the Wii U™ system from Nintendo; the Wii™
from Nintendo version is in development by Beenox; the portable Nintendo 3DS™ version is
in development by n-Space; not yet rated by the ESRB.)

source: comingsoon.net & skylanderscharacters.com

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E3 Show: Official Skylanders SWAP Force Trailer

Trailer[2:50]: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kGpr3T86p6w
E3 STAGE DEMO: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lnuYBn06nUg

[update 10/17]

Added complete list of Characters to the first post.

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REDMOND, Wash.--(BUSINESS WIRE)-- A new Wii U™ bundle featuring Activision Publishing
Inc.’s Skylanders SWAP Force starter pack delivers an amazing amount of value for people
looking for a great video game deal. The bundle launches Nov. 15 at a suggested retail price
of $299.99 and includes everything needed to start the new adventure plus an assortment of
Skylanders extras that will satisfy current fans and newcomers alike.

“There are so many great elements to this Skylanders SWAP Force Wii U bundle that we
almost couldn’t cram them all into the box,” said Scott Moffitt, Nintendo of America’s
executive vice president of Sales & Marketing. “This amazing deal provides a huge amount of
entertainment for kids and their families to play together.”

The bundle comes with:
  • White Wii U Basic system
  • Skylanders SWAP Force starter pack that includes:
    • Skylanders SWAP Force Wii U software
    • Portal of Power®
    ♦ Ninja Stealth Elf (one of the Core Skylanders)
    ♦ Blast-Zone [SWAP Force]
    ♦ Color shift Washbuckler [Bundle exclusive,SWAP Force]
  • Collector poster, trading cards and sticker sheets
  • Nintendo Land™ game disc
The third installment of the award-winning toys-to-life Skylanders franchise, Skylanders
SWAP Force lets players mix and match the top and bottom halves of up to 16 SWAP Force
figures that are available for purchase and transform them into more than 250 unique
characters*. Fans also can play Skylanders SWAP Force with their entire collection of 100+
characters from Skylanders Spyro’s Adventure® and Skylanders Giants™. The Wii U version
of the game stands apart, with touch-screen interfaces on the Wii U GamePad controller
and the ability to play the entire game on the GamePad while someone else watches TV. A
portable version of Skylanders SWAP Force is available on Nintendo 3DS™.

Remember that Wii U features parental controls that let adults manage the content their
children can access. For more information about this and other features, visit
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Christmas edition of Bumble Blast arrives

NAME: Jolly Bumble Blast
Release Date: 12/08/2013
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Here is a list of all of WAVE 3:

SWAP Force
  • Spy Rise
  • Stink Bomb
  • Rubble Rouser
New Characters
  • Dune Bug
  • Smolderdash
Returning Characters
  • Phantom Cynder
  • Hyper Beam Prism Break
  • Horn Blast Whirlwind
  • Wham-Shell
  • Countdown
Triple Packs
  • Triple Pack #5
    • Rip Tide
    • Whirlwind
    • Prism Break
  • Triple Pack #6
    • Dune Bug
    • Cynder
    • Terrafin
Adventure/Battle Packs
  • Arkeyan Crossbow – Grim Creeper, Camo
  • Sheep Wreck Island – Wind Up

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[Target Exclusive*]
Skylanders Swap Force 2-Pack: Night Shift & Boom Jet
*This item is sold through their website and is not carried in their stores.


Here are some ToysRUs [TRU] exclusives:
  • Zoo Lou [Legendary]
  • Night Shift [Legendary]
  • Lightcore Grim Creeper [Legendary]
  • Bouncer [Legendary]

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Best Buy Exclusive 'Heavy Duty Sprocket' & More new characters & WAVE 4

Series 2 Character Pack (Heavy Duty Sprocket) [BEST BUY EXCLUSIVE]
Release Date: 1/10/2014
LightCore Character Pack (Countdown)
Release Date: 01/10/2014

LightCore Character Pack (Wham-Shell)
Release Date: 01/19/2014
Enchanted Star Strike [Walmart exclisuve]


Here are the Characters that I've seen that are apart of of WAVE 4*:
  • Scratch
  • Turbo Jet-Vac
  • Fire Bone Hot Dog
  • Fryno
  • Trap Shadow
  • Freeze Blade
*theses wave 4 characters were release on March 21st,2014 and
can be found @ selected Best Buy retail stores..

There are rumors that 'Swap Force' is almost done and that 'SKYLANDERS 4' is
gearing to take the helm later in 2014

Work in progress

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[PR for] FINAL SWAP FORCE CHARACTER and possible name for SKYLANDERS 4

Fans in Line to be Among the First to Receive the Final Skylanders SWAP Force
Character Before it Hits Store Shelves

Activision Publishing, Inc. and Toys"R"Us® are giving fans the rare opportunity to receive a
complimentary Skylanders® toy at a special Toys"R"Us Times Square event celebrating
Skylanders Day! Before the final Skylanders SWAP Force character, Doom Stone, is released
to the public, the first 500 Portal Masters to line up at The World's Greatest Toy Store™ on
Wednesday, April 23, will be among the first to get their hands on this must-have figure.*

Fans attending the event will get the chance to meet Skylanders costumed characters,
experience the bestselling kids' videogame franchise at in-store gaming kiosks and receive
other fun Skylanders giveaways.

Eager consumers can also take advantage of the following Skylanders deals and discounts,
valid only at Toys"R"Us Times Square, on Wednesday, April 23:

SAVE $25 Skylanders SWAP Force Starter Pack (Was $64.99; Now $39.99)
BUY ONE GET ONE 50% OFF ALL Skylanders figures and accessories - prices vary**


Toys"R"Us Times Square, Lower Level
1514 Broadway (at 44th Street), New York, NY
4pm Eastern

*All giveaways and event materials are available while supplies last and will be distributed
to braceleted event participants only. Limit one per customer. Quantities limited; no rain

**Discounted item must be of equal or lesser value to the lowest priced item purchased.
Excludes all clearance items.

This name and date was on the Spanish Amazon.com before it was removed:

Skylanders Trap Team [ ‘Ranger Team’, or ‘Team Ranger’. depending on the translation]
The release date that was on that site was "October".
images of the screenshots from Amazon can l be found on esperino.com

Teaser Trailer for SKYLANDERS 4 is on YOUTUBE


I have been doing some searching and this is all I could find:


The official Reveal will be tomarrow at 7PM!

update 4/23

12 minutes [and counting] before 'Skylanders Trap Team' is unvaled to the world.
btw look at this website. The link confirms the name!

update 6:57


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