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Official GRAN TURISMO 6 thread

Gran Turismo®6 is Coming!

Kazunori Yamauchi announces new game at Gran Turismo 15th anniversary event; 70 million franchise figure was also revealed

SILVERSTONE, England, May 15, 2013 /PRNewswire/ -- Sony Computer Entertainment Inc. today announced Gran Turismo®6 (GT6™), the latest version of PlayStation®'s best-selling franchise, will be released in Holiday, 2013. The news was revealed today by legendary Gran Turismo creator Kazunori Yamauchi at an event held to celebrate 15 years of the 70-million-selling series.

GT6 for PlayStation®3 will bring new levels of authenticity to 'the Real Driving Simulator' as well as introducing stunning new tracks and cars and a revised user interface. A new compact game engine will improve operation and increase the flexibility to expand it with downloadable content. Meanwhile, the game is also set for expanded connectivity with other devices such as smart phones and tablets and increased social and community functions.

All of the cars and tracks from Gran Turismo®5, which has sold over 10 million copies since launching in 2010, will be retained in GT6. But notable new additions to the already impressive line-up of historic cars, road cars and the latest race cars, brings the total car list to 1,200 at launch, with new cars set to be continually added online. Several thousand aerodynamic parts and custom wheels will be available for almost all cars, and players can personalize their own custom cars in game to the greatest ever level possible.

The UK's famous Silverstone Circuit will be just one of seven new locations in Gran Turismo 6, taking the total to 33, with 71 different layouts available, 19 of them brand new. There will also be regular additions of new tracks set to be made available online. The improved course maker function will provide gorgeous scenery spanning several tens of square kilometers including the magnificent backdrop of Andalucia.

The theme of Gran Turismo's innovative collaborations with partner companies will increase with the inception of GT6. A number of exciting new projects that blur the line between the virtual and real will be announced in the run up to the game's launch. Not least of these is GT Academy, a collaboration with Nissan to unearth real racing driver talent that first ran in 2008. It was announced during the event that the competition returns for its biggest ever year in 2013, with the entry mechanic set to take place on an exclusive GT6 demo in July.

Other notable partnerships in the development of GT6 have been with tire manufacturer Yokohama Rubber and suspension company KW Automotive. Both companies are active in the commercial car industry and in racing, and they have acted as technical development partners for the game's new physics engine, for its tire and suspension kinematic modeling, creating an even more realistic experience for GT fans.

"It is amazing to think that it is 15 years since we first released Gran Turismo," explained Kazunori Yamauchi, during the announcement at Silverstone Circuit. "Things have changed a lot since then and now Gran Turismo 6 is a further evolution of my dream. We're pleased to deliver GT6 to PlayStation 3 as we have a very loyal community on that platform. However, we have refactored the game to make it very flexible and expandable, with a view to making many future developments. I am very pleased with everything about the new game and the new additions, but the launch will be only the beginning for GT6. The game will continue to develop throughout its life. I already have many ideas for things I want to achieve in the next 15 years of Gran Turismo!"

The celebration of 15 years of Gran Turismo event at Silverstone included a demo of GT6 featuring the famous circuit. Guests were able to play the game in the familiar circular Gran Turismo race pods before having a chance to take to the real track in cars provided by Audi, Ford, Jaguar, KTM, Mercedes-Benz, Nissan and Toyota.

Further news about Gran Turismo 6 will be revealed at the forthcoming E3 and Gamescom events and on http://www.gran-turismo.com/. #GT6iscoming

Cars featured on the GT6 Silverstone demo (* denotes new to Gran Turismo):
Acura NSX '91,
*Alfa Romeo TZ3 Stradale '11
*Alpine A110 1600S '68
*Audi Sport quattro S1 Rally Car '86
Ferrari 458 Italia '09
*Ferrari Dino 246 GT '71
Ford GT '06
*KTM X-BOW R '12
Lamborghini Countach LP400 '74
*Light Car Company Rocket '07
McLaren MP4-12C '10
*Mercedes-Benz SLS AMG GT3 '11
Nissan 370Z (Z34) (GT Academy Version) '08
Nissan 370Z Tuned Car (GT Academy , Version) '08
Nissan GT-R Black edition (GT Academy Version) '12
*Nissan GT-R Nismo GT3 N24 Schulze Motorsport
Nissan Leaf G (GT Academy Version)
*Tesla Motors Model S Signature Performance '12
Toyota 86 GT '12

Summary of new Gran Turismo 6 features announced by Kazunori Yamauchi:

New Game Engine
  • Refactoring
  • Compact, nimble operation
  • Flexible expandability
  • A new rendering engine that pushes the limits of the PS3
  • New Physics Engine
New suspension and kinematics model
  • New tyre model
  • New aerodynamics model
  • Technical partnership with Yokohama Rubber and KW Automotive

1,200 Cars, abundant custom parts, and on-going DLC
  • From historic cars to the latest racing cars, the game contains a total of 1200 cars.
  • Multiple aerodynamic parts and custom wheels will be available for almost all cars.
  • Players can create their own personalised custom car in the game.
  • Cars will be continually added online
33 locations, 71 layouts
  • 33 Locations and 71 layouts will be provided from day 1 (7 more locations and 19 more layouts than GT5)
  • More new tracks will continue to be provided online
New Course Maker
  • Massive scenery spanning several tens of square kilometers
  • A new course generation algorithm

Community/Club/Race Organizer
  • Players can form their own communities
  • Various community levels from local and domestic to global
  • Players themselves can create and manage their own online events
  • New User Interface
Balancing directional key operation and touch operation
  • Quick response
  • Shortening of loading times

Multi-Device Compatibility
  • PlayStation
  • Smart Phone
  • Tablet
  • PC
At the same time as the PS3 version of GT6 the "Real Driving Simulator" launches, a mobile version and web application version of GT6, will be created to enjoy Gran Turismo's massive community space.

Real/Virtual "Edge Effect" Activity
A variety of "Edge Effects", the chemical reactions between the real world and the virtual world for which the Gran Turismo series is famous, are also planned for GT6. Exciting collaborations between various automotive manufacturers and collaborations with brands crossing different industries will be revealed gradually across the next six months.

About Sony Computer Entertainment Inc.
Recognized as the global leader and company responsible for the progression of consumer-based computer entertainment, Sony Computer Entertainment Inc. (SCEI) manufactures, distributes, develop and markets the PlayStation®2 (PS2®) computer entertainment system, the PSP® (PlayStation®Portable) handheld entertainment system, the PlayStation®3 (PS3®) computer entertainment system and the PlayStation®Vita (PS Vita) portable entertainment system. SCEI has revolutionized home entertainment since they launched PlayStation in 1994. PS2® further enhances the PlayStation legacy as the core of home networked entertainment. PSP® is a handheld entertainment system that allows users to enjoy 3D games with high-quality full-motion video and high-fidelity stereo audio. PS3® is an advanced computer system, incorporating the powerful Cell Broadband Engine and RSX processors. PS Vita is an ultimate portable entertainment system that offers a revolutionary combination of rich gaming and social connectivity within a real world context. SCEI also delivers the PlayStation® experience to open operating systems through PlayStation®Mobile, a cross device platform. Headquartered in Tokyo, Japan, SCEI, along with its affiliated companies, Sony Computer Entertainment America LLC., and Sony Computer Entertainment Europe Ltd., and its division companies, Sony Computer Entertainment Japan Asia develops, publishes, markets and distributes hardware and software, and manages the third party licensing programs for these platforms in the respective markets worldwide.

PlayStation, PS3, and Gran Turismo are registered trademarks of Sony Computer Entertainment Inc. GT6 is a trademark of Sony Computer Entertainment Inc. All other trademarks are property of their respective owners.
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Sony explains why Gran Turismo 6 is launching on PS3, not PS4

The biggest eyebrow-raiser with last week's Gran Turismo 6 reveal was that it's launching on the PS3, and not the PS4. Doesn't Sony want to drive PS4 launch sales with one of its biggest franchises?

In an interview on the PlayStation Blog, Sony Computer Entertainment Europe CEO Jim Ryan explained why the latest Gran Turismo isn't debuting on the soon-to-be latest PlayStation, arguing that GT6 can still deliver a significant difference from GT5, despite being on the same platform.

"You had GT1 and GT2 on PS one," Ryan said, "GT3 and GT4 on PS2, then there's GT5 on PS3 and a space next to it. The difference between Gran Turismo and GT2 is unbelievable, but they're both on the same platform. The difference between GT3 and GT4 is huge. We're absolutely confident when GT6 comes, you'll see a big step change up from GT5 too. There's still a lot of potential on PS3 that a developer like Polyphony can really exploit."

The other, obvious factor is the install base. Gran Turismo has traditionally been a big seller, with three entries shifting over 10 million units. To do that, Ryan indicates, you need to have the install base.

"And the other factor is that on PS3 we have an install base of 70 million units," Ryan added. "On PS4 on launch day we'll have an install base of zero units. There'll be plenty of games to help drive PS4 – not least Driveclub in the racing genre from Evolution Studios, a studio with a fantastic pedigree."

A PS4 version of GT6 looks more than likely at some point down the line, and it's something that hasn't been shied away from. Speaking to IGN, series creator Kazunori Yamauchi said, "We actually do have a PlayStation 4 version in mind, but for this holiday season, we thought it would be best for users to release on PS3 for now."

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Gran Turismo 6 Extended Trailer

As you may have seen by now, an extended version of the GT6 trailer was released
a few days after the game’s big reveal on May 15th.

It offers a longer and more detailed look at Polyphony Digital’s new Silverstone circuit
and the first batch of cars revealed in the game.

The extended trailer [3:08] is HERE

source: GTplanet
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'Gran Turismo 6' Pre-order Details Outlined

GT Fans – Having announced Gran Turismo 6 in May at an event celebrating 15 years of Gran Turismo held
at Silverstone Circuit, the game’s legendary designer Kazunori Yamauchi released further details and a new
trailer at PlayStation’s E3 press conference recently. With over 1,200 cars available at launch
(including new FIA GT3 cars), new locations on a grander scale (such as a fascinating location
featuring the Gemasolar solar power plant in Spain), new physics, new tire, suspension and
aerodynamic modeling, next generation 3D adaptive tessellation and an HDR dynamic range
50 times greater than GT5, Holiday 2013 cannot come soon enough. To enhance your GT6 experience,
we are proud to announce the most extensive and robust pre-order offer for GT to date
through participating retailers.

To start, we wanted to make sure our GT fans start off with the most current
and unique vehicles that only GT6 can deliver:

• BMW Z4 GT3 '11
• Nissan GT-R NISMO GT3 '13
• Tesla Model S Signature Performance '13
• Chevrolet Corvette Stingray (C7) '14.

GameStop Exclusive – 15th Anniversary Edition Upgrade

How would you like to start your Gran Turismo 6 experience this Holiday with
20 unique vehicles? To properly celebrate the 15-year legacy of Gran Turismo,
the Gamestop-Exclusive 15th Anniversary Edition includes 16 additional cars as well as
your own customized paint chips, race suit, helmet, PSN Avatar, and a copy of
Beyond the Apex II app. Each of the combined 20 vehicles will have their own unique
enhancements, either visually or performance upgrades.

We’ll have more information on the 15th Anniversary Edition at a later date.
For now, check out the entire line-up of 20 vehicles when you pre-order through GameStop:

BMW Z4 GT3 2011, Nissan GT-R NISMO GT3 2013, Chevrolet Corvette Stingray (C7) 2014,
Tesla Motors Model S Signature Performance 2013, Alfa Romeo TZ3 Stradale 2011,
Alpine A110 1600S 1968, Aston Martin V12 Vantage 2010, Audi R8 LMS ultra 2012,
Ford Focus ST 2013 Ford, Mustang Shelby GT500 2013, Honda HSV-010 (SUPER GT) 2011,
KTM X-BOW R, Lamborghini Aventador LP 700-4 2011, Lexus IS F Racing Concept 2008,
Lotus Europa (type54) 1968, Mercedes-Benz SLS AMG GT3 2011, Renault Sport Megane Trophy V6 2011,
SRT Viper GTS 2013, TRD 86 Racing 2008 & Volkswagen Scirocco GT24 Race Car 2008.

Amazon Exclusive – $1 Million In-Game Credit
Want to customize and build your own dream Gran Turismo garage? We’re confident
a $1 Million In-Game Credit will help you do just that. In addition to getting the
mentioned 4-Car pack, Amazon is offering our GT fans $1 Million In-Game Credit
directly at start up, allowing you to buy, build, and race your own line-up of cars.
Get a jump start in racing against your competitors online by reserving at Amazon.


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Gran Turismo 6 demo out next week!

A playable Gran Turismo 6 demo is coming to PSN on July 2, SCE America revealed this week. When Polyphony Digital's shiny new racer was unveiled finally last month, Sony promised a demo was due in July. Sure enough, the demo is coming and right at the start of next month too, which should go some way to allaying fears the racer's 'holiday 2013' release window is too soon to be true.

The demo is also the qualifying method for GT Academy 2013, the competition intended to unearth real driving talent by providing winners with a spot on Nissan's racing team. Qualifications end on July 28, but the demo remains freely available to all afterwards.

The demo itself features beginner stages themed around a GT Academy boot camp, with racers who make the grade going on to the final qualifier at the UK's Silverstone track. In terms of cars, SCEA said the demo features the Nissan Leaf, 370Z, and GT-R at the least.

- Joystiq.com
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GRAN TURISMO 6 has an official release date!

this was on the official website for GRAN TURISMO:

Gran Turismo®6
Console : PlayStation®3
Release Date : 6 December 2013
Number of players : TBD
Genre : TBD [racing]
Distributor/Producer : Sony Computer Entertainment/Polyphony Digital Inc

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Patch 1.02: Red Bull X Challenge, Login Credit Bonus, More.

Gran Turismo 6 will be updated today with two new Red Bull cars and the Red Bull X
Challenge. The challenge is part of a collaboration with Infiniti Red Bull Racing that includes
2013 Formula 1 World Champion Sebastian Vettel mentoring players in the art of driving an
authentic formula car.

Owners of GT6 will have the opportunity to select the first two of four new Red Bull cars.
The Red Bull Racing Kart and Red Bull X2014 Junior will arrive in dealerships in-game via the
update, while the Red Bull X2014 Standard and Fan cars can be expected to join them at a
later stage. All of the new Red Bull X2014 cars have been designed for GT6 in conjunction
with Infiniti Red Bull Racing’s legendary Chief Technical Officer Adrian Newey.

The collaboration between Polyphony Digital and Red Bull is another project which
celebrates the franchise’s 15th anniversary, and the free update has been provided as a
special end-of-year gift for Gran Turismo fans.

“We are very grateful to Adrian Newey, Sebastian Vettel, and Infiniti Red Bull Racing for
providing this special gift for Gran Turismo fans. To be taught how to drive downforce cars
by the best racing driver in the world is very special, and the new Red Bull X2014 cars are
another exciting addition to Gran Turismo 6. This is the latest update for the game, and
there are more to come,”
President of Polyphony Digital Kazunori Yamauchi said.

Red Bull Racing’s Sebastian Vettel added, “I’ve been playing Gran Turismo since I was 12,
so to appear in the game myself as a mentor is great. I hope everyone enjoys the

Other elements included in Update 1.02:
  • Consecutive Login Bonus
    When you login online for consecutive days, a bonus to all credits awards will accrue up to
    a potential 200% bonus on the 5th day. Be sure to login everyday to earn more credits!
  • Credits earned in Career Mode increased
    The amount of credits earned in Career Mode have been increased. This may give good
    incentive to go back and try some races you’ve already cleared!
  • Entry requirements for Seasonal Events lowered
    Players will only require a National B licence in order to participate in Seasonal Events and,
    for a limited time, there will be unique special events that will reward cars as prizes, so
    don’t miss this opportunity and remember to login online!
  • Bonus Events within Seasonal Events
    Two new Seasonal Events will run from 20 December 2013 to 17 January 2014 and 02
    January to 30 January 2014. These unique events to mark the seasonal holidays and the
    new year will feature special bonus credits.
Other patch details (what we've gathered so far):
  • Ascari glitch dead
  • 20mil glitch NO LONGER WORKS.
  • Glitched garage and credits not affected.
  • No multi-monitor options
  • No check mark in dealerships for cars stored in stockyard
  • BMW m4 now added in recomended cars
  • RB kart cost 10k
  • X2014 jr 200k
  • Added lambo to vgt project
  • "Terms & conditions" notification when booting up the game appears to have been corrected.
  • RA functions now available for DS3 and supported wheels
  • L1/R1 for menu working on DFGT but not on ds3 if plugged in together
  • L1/R1 for menu still not working for T500rs, but neither on DS3 if plugged in together.
  • Personal music working properly in races. Volume control added as well.
  • Aftermarket wheels still bugged for cars with wider rear tires.
  • "Real" slipstream option in addition to "Weak" and "Strong."
  • "Drivetrain (Transmission)" Changed to "Transmission" in settings menu
  • Mira has been fixed, it now has 183 horsepower when fully tuned
  • Online lobby names changed to psn ID
  • Blur in replays from normal views gone

sources: gran-turismo.com & gtplanet.net

Techical Specs
Download size: 1255MB [1.22GB]
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UPDATED 12/6: The Cars of Gran Turismo's 'Vision'

List of participating companies to Vision Gran Turimo.
  1. Mercedes-Benz AMG Vision Gran Turismo [November 20th 2013]
  2. BMW Vision Gran Turismo [May 14,2014]
  3. Mitsubishi Concept XR-PHEV Evolution Vision Gran Turismo [May 30, 2014]
  4. Volkswagen GTI Roadster Vision Gran Turismo [Jun 18, 2014]
  5. NISSAN CONCEPT 2020 Vision Gran Turismo [Jul 25, 2014]
  6. Aston Martin DP-100 Vision Gran Turismo [ Jul 25, 2014]
  7. TOYOTA FT-1 Vison Gran Turismo [Sep 16, 2014]
  8. SUBARU VIZIV GT Vision Gran Turismo [Nov 6,2014]
  9. Chevrolet ​Chaparral 2X Vision Gran Turismo [??????]

work in Progress

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on a sad note

Sony will be discontinuing there on-live service for GT5 in early 2014

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Update 1.03 arrives as well as Toyota's new concept car

An update for Gran Turismo 6 has been released.

The following is a list of the main features introduced:
  • Release of the TOYOTA FT-1 Concept coupé -
    The Toyota Sports Design Concept just announced at the January 2014 Detroit Auto Show is
    already available in Gran Turismo. You can purchase the car in the dealership as well as receive
    one as a prize if you obtain a Bronze award or better in the Seasonal Event celebrating its
    announcement, available only for a limited time.
  • Interiors for the BMW M4 Coupé have been implemented -
    The BMW M4 Coupé which made an early appearance in Gran Turismo 6 with Update 1.02
    (released in December 2013) has now been upgraded with a full interior. If you already have the
    car in your garage, it will be updated automatically. The car can also be won as a prize if you obtain
    a Bronze award or better in the new Seasonal Event.
Techical Specs
Download size: 99MB

personal update

I have gotten the update and I won the car by getting Bronze on
"Toyota FT-1 Super Lap: Mazda Raceway Laguna Seca".
Here is 'my person best': 1:49.595

The car itself can be purchased for CR. 500,000

Do take note that even though the TOYOTA FT-1 is a "concept".. it is oddly NOT part of 'GT vision'.
Reguardess, the trailer for this awesome car can be found on YOUTUBE

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GT6 Update 1.04 Brings Red Bull X Challenges, AMG Vision Racing Series & More

The fourth update for Gran Turismo 6 is now available, and it brings with it the Corvette
Stingray Gran Turismo Concept that was first shown at SEMA 2013, the second half of the
Red Bull X Challenge events which also adds the ”Gran Turismo Red Bull X2014 Standard”
and “Gran Turismo Red Bull X2014 Fan Car” to the in-game dealership, as well as the
Mercedes-Benz AMG Vision Gran Turismo Racing Series, which is a separate version of the
previously released AMG Vision vehicle that is “optimized for the competitive racing

The update weighs in at 214MB, and the full list of changes are as follows:
  • Red Bull X Challenge – 2nd Part:
    The 2nd half of the “Red Bull X Challenge” has been added to the Career Mode. In
    these new challenges, learn how to drive an authentic Formula car directly from the
    world champion, Sebastian Vettel.
    *Please note that the International B License is required to enter this challenge. With
    this update, the “Gran Turismo Red Bull X2014 Standard” and “Gran Turismo Red Bull
    X2014 Fan Car” have been added to the Dealership in-game.
  • Release of the Mercedes-Benz AMG Vision Gran Turismo Racing Series:
    An alternative version of the “Mercedes-Benz AMG Vision Gran Turismo”, released on
    December 2013 as the first Vision Gran Turismo car, is now available. It is possible to
    obtain the car by participating in the new Seasonal Event, available only for a limited
  • Release of the Corvette Stingray Gran Turismo Concept:
    The “Corvette Stingray Gran Turismo Concept”, a car displayed at the 2013 SEMA show
    as a part of the collaboration between the Corvette development team and Gran
    Turismo, is now available in the Dealership in-game. It is also possible to obtain the car
    by participating in the new Seasonal Event, available only for a limited time.
  • Birthday Login Bonus:
    An in-game car from a year near your year of birth will be sent as a gift when you log in
    to PSN. The gift car will be distributed within 1 week from your birthday.
    *The information is taken from the player’s SEN account used.
  • Remove Ghost Replay feature added:
    A Remove Ghost Replay button has been added to the Arcade Mode Time Trial and Free
    Run Quick Menu. You can display this feature by scrolling the right of the menu. This will
    allow you to remove ghost data that includes unintentional shortcuts.
  • Prize Information added to Seasonal Events:
    It is now possible to see what prizes are awarded in the Seasonal Events. This
    information is displayed on the right side of the Seasonal Events entry screen.
source: gt-planet.com
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Update Details (1.05)

An update for Gran Turismo 6 has been released. Here’s the official list of changes in v1.05, which weighs in at 100MB in size:
  • Additional Features in the Open Lobby
    • [Time Trial], [Drift Trial], and [Free Run] have been added to the [Race Type] option
      within [Room Settings] of the Event Settings screen.
    • It is now possible to also [Filter by Performance] even when [Car Selection Method] is
      set to [Filter by Make] or [Filter by Category].
    • It is now possible to select Karts in one make races held on weather enabled tracks.
    • It is now possible to check regulation settings in the confirmation popup dialog before
      entering a room.
    • In the [Race Alone] mode for the Qualifier, cars other than yours (when only spectating,
      cars other than the one in focus) will appear as lines.
  • Multi-monitor Compatibility
    • [Multi-Monitor Settings] has been added to the [Start Button]>[Options]>[Display]
  • Car Search
    • A [Car Search] feature has been added to the [CARS] section in My Home. You can
      specify the desired parameters to search for a particular car in the Car Dealerships.
  • Sale of Racing Gear in Individual Colors
    • The sale of Racing Gear has been changed from full color sets to individual colors. Some
      of the pricing for racing gear have changed accordingly.
  • Kart Adjustments Options Expanded
    • [Traction Control] is now available to adjust in the [Driving Options]. [Skid Recovery
      Force] is also now available.
    • [Brake Balance] is now available to adjust in [Machine Settings]. Only the rear can be
      adjusted in Normal Karts, while both the front and rear can be adjusted in Shifter Karts.
  • Other Improvements/Adjustments
    • An icon that shows the login bonus stage (1-5 days in succession) has been added to
      the top of the [My Home] screen and the prize receiving dialog.
    • The increments of the [Front/Rear Torque Split] in [Car Settings] has been changed from
      5 to 1.
source: Gran Turismo.com

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The install size for GT6 updates

The file size of UPDATE 1.06 is : 1255MB [4/9]
The file size of UPDATE 1.07 is : 961MB [*subject to change] [5/14/14]
The file size of UPDATE 1.08 is : 1.4GB [*subject to change] [5/30/14]
The file size of UPDATE 1.09 is : 598MB [*subject to change] [6/18/14]
The file size of UPDATE 1.10 is : TBA [*subject to change] [------]
The file size of UPDATE 1.11 is : TBA [*subject to change] [------]
The file size of UPDATE 1.12 is : TBA [*subject to change] [9/16]
The file size of UPDATE 1.13 is : TBA [*subject to change] [10/01]
The file size of UPDATE 1.14 is : TBA [*subject to change] [11/18]

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