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What does it mean to be a man?

The idea of Man has been limited to one-dimensional stereotypes that diminish our potential and restrict our contributions to a healthy society.

Join White Ribbon in ending gender based violence. Demand equality for all and inspire to play a powerful, positive role in the world.

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It's being prepared to do the right thing, whatever the cost.

That and a pair of testicles.
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Does anyone know the herstorical feminist definitions of manliness?

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Why isn't there a site for ending all violence, and not just gender based violence?
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Defining manliness beyond the Y chromosome is arbitrary.

All violence is bad, it's not special or unique because it's targeted.
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Here's all you need to know what a man is...
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Oh a man thread but it has a meaning to it that l must agree that gender volience should not be on
Being a woman l have faced a man beating me up because he didnt want me going out with him and his freinds so he gave me a blackeye and a wsollen lip for my actions his freinds wanted me to come out on that night because we were celebrating a birthday but my boyfreind had got onto the grog and got volient

One of his male freinds who had come around to pick us up confronted my boyfreind and punched the shit out of him because he hurt me

I feel sometimes other men need to step in if a freind who is woman is being hurt

But l think bashing up the person who did it is wrong and a month after the event l got out of the relationship he used to degrade me and say l would never get anyone else also l used to have bruises all over my body from the punchs plus the kicking in the stomach he gave me

I got the courage from family and freinds to get out of what l was in but alot of women do not

So we can poke fun at the thread or we can take it serous l also say if there is a arguement between a man and woman a man needs to get out of the house to carm down dont use your wife or girlfreind as a punching bag it doesnt help the problem

Even now if l met a man and he aims for my face l walk out
I know there is men who dont resort to hitting and l hope l met a man like that
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