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Jack Klugman Dies at 90

Jack Klugman, Actor of Everyman Integrity, Dies at 90

Published: December 24, 2012

Jack Klugman, the rubber-mugged character actor who leapt to television stardom in the 1970s as the slovenly sportswriter Oscar Madison on “The Odd Couple” and as the crusading forensic pathologist of “Quincy, M.E.,” died on Monday at his home in the Woodland Hills section of Los Angeles. He was 90.

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Jack Klugman as Juror No. 5 in the film “12 Angry Men” (1957)

Jack Klugman, right, in 1972 as Oscar Madison in the ABC sitcom “The Odd Couple,” opposite Tony Randall as Felix Unger

Mr. Klugman as the title character in the NBC series “Quincy, M.E.”
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Never really watched anything he did, I think growing up my mother used to watch Quincy reruns. Seemed like a good actor and good person from everything I have been reading since his passing.

I do remember an episode of Space Ghost on Adult Swim though, Brak was obsessed with Jack KLUG-MAN for some reason. It was funny.
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Klugman was great

He was an awesome actor, he was perfect in the Old Couple, Quincy M.D. and 12 Angry Men...he will be missed!
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Yes l remember seeing Jackk in, in a few films and the and,dying,at minty he has hD. long life RIP jack
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The Odd Couple Was a great show.

R.I.P Mr Klugman
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I'll remember him for 12 Angry Men; I never watched "The Odd Couple" TV show (just the movie).

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I still stop whenever I see 12 Angry Men when I see it on any channel. He's a standout in that role among his more famous peers. The Odd Couple was a fun show, but Quincy was better. He's one of those guys who can't be replaced. RIP
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A television icon.
Oscar Madison to infinity.
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